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Affordable Membership

Choose from one of our membership options to start your journey with Borden Flying Club.
As a non-profit club, our rates are based on the actual costs of owning and operating our aircraft.
Annual membership dues run from April 1st to March 31st and are prorated for anyone joining the club after April 1st.

Social Membership



* HST not applicable

Flying Membership



* HST not applicable

Hourly Rates

These rates are current as of April 1, 2024 and are reflective of current fuel prices.

Standard Rental (Wet)

$225 /hr

Block Rental (Wet)

$210 /hr

Extended Rental (Dry)

$160 /hr

Block Extended (Dry)

$145 /hr

When are membership fees due?

Who pays for fuel?

Is there a fuel surcharge?

Who pays for oil?

What is the mandatory block time purchase?

Can I purchase more than 5 hours of block time?

When can I purchase block time?

Can I take the airplane overnight?

What is the Extended Rental Policy?

How is flight time tracked?