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Borden Flying Club

Up-to-date hangar facilitiesFederally incorporated in 1958 as the Centralia Flying Club, the BFC changed its name after relocating to CFB Borden in 1967. In the fall of 2004 the club moved to Lake Simcoe Regional Airport (CNB9) following Base Borden's decision to close the aerodrome and in March 2007 the club moved to its current home at Edenvale Aerodrome. The Borden Flying Club is open to everyone.

We have something to offer renters, owners and aviation enthusiasts alike. If you would like further information or are interested in becoming a member please contact us at [email protected]

Club News & Events

March 2017

President's Message

Club Info: Annual General Meeting

Please save the date! The AGM date has been set for Saturday April 29rd, at Bistro 26 (Edenvale Aerodrome). The meeting will start at 10 AM sharp, and will wrap up at 12 PM.

As mentioned in the February newsletter there are two openings on the Board that need to be filled for the upcoming membership year. Please consider putting your name forward to run and fill the openings. If you have any questions about the Board and its operations please call me directly at (416) 994-0997.

The online nomination form will go live later this month.

Thank you for your consideration!

Chris Thompson

Flight Operations

Inside the Envelope

Due to new ownership at the airport restaurant, Thursday nights meetings are not available anymore as it closes at 3:00pm.

Apologies for the short notice - We would like to try this month's meeting on Saturday March 18 10am -12pm. Flight operations will conduct the spring rust-remover / tech-day.

Look forward to seeing everyone there!

Club Meeting : Sat. March 18, 10am Tech-Day/ Rust Remover

Restaurant Meeting Room

February 2017 Meeting is "ON"

Club Meeting - Feb 16th - 19:00 at the Challenger Hanger - Edenvale

ForeFlight Tips and Techniques

Bryan Quickmire has offered the use of his heated hanger for our meeting tomorrow.  It's the Challenger hangar at the southeast corner of Building D. Go through the security gate, go to the right of building F, go to the left of building D. Go to the south end of D and you will see Bryan's red car parked there.

The meeting will start at 19:00.  Tom and Randy will be sharing their ForeFlight knowledge.  Unfortunately, our traditional dinner pre-meeting will not be possible. 

I hope to see you there! ... and many thanks to Bryan for this generous offer.

February 2017 Meeting Update

February 2016 Meeting UPDATE

Edenvale Aerodrome Meeting Room NOT AVAILABLE

The meeting room at the Edenvale Aerodrome is no longer available for our meeting. The new owners close shop at 15:00 and would require a more substantial commitment to stay there until 21:00 just for us. We are trying to determine if the meeting will be relocated or cancelled for this month. 

Check your spam filters and safe lists.

Our last email blast resulted in an unusually high rate of rejections due to the receiving email providers' spam filter. Please check with your provider to see how to adjust your spam filters so that you continue to get BFC news and updates.

Another update about our meeting will be provided as soon as it is available.  

February 2017 Meeting Reminder

Don't forget that Tom and Randy will be presenting some ForeFlight usage tips and techniques at our meeting on Thursday evening.  We will still be in the meeting room at the Edenvale Aerodrome.  I will be in touch with the manager at Tilly's 2, the new restaurant there.  I need to know who is committed to meeting early for dinner as they will only open up if we have 5 or more confirmed participants.  Please email me as soon as possible at [email protected] as soon as possible if you plan to dine at Tilly's before our meeting.  If I get at least 5 responses, I will make the arrangements and get back to you.

February 2017

President's Message

Winter Returns

January was a difficult flying month with a true return to winter weather and all the difficulties and inconveniences that winter brings. Personally, I had to scrub about 3 times in the last 3 weeks. C'est la Vie! That’s Winter Flying.

Some frequent visitors to the airport may have noticed that Bistro 26 has closed and a new Restaurant, Tilly’s 2, has opened its doors. Tilly’s is going to open daily from 7AM to 3PM. I had the opportunity to eat lunch there this past Saturday and was impressed. The menu is an all day breakfast along with soup and sandwiches. Tilly’s decided not to pick up the liquor licence at this time.

There was some concern regarding the ability to host our regular club meetings at the airport.  I am happy to report that this has been resolved and we will continue in the meeting room as usual. The new owner has said that they will prepare a price fixed menu for dinner on those Thursdays as long as we commit to a minimum of 5 guests. Since this will be considered a catered function, they may be able to serve alcohol.  however, this has yet to be finalized.

Let’s hope that February provides us with some good winter flying weather!