Allan Bowman's Return Flight from Nanaimo Fly-in

Back in March of this year John Lovelace of Century Flight Club came to do a presentation on this year’s fly-in to Nanaimo for the Borden Flying Club. One of our past flying members Allan Bowman and his wife Sylvia attended the fly-in in Allan’s PA22, and Allan was kind enough to share a video of his return flight with us. Allan explains a bit about the video:

“My wife Sylvia and I took a southern Superior route out, customs at Drummond Island (KDRUM, through USA), entering Canada at H28 "DelBonito" and a northern Superior route back.

The video starts when crossing the water from Saturna Island heading across part of Washington State vectored towards Hope BC and ending just short of Princeton BC.

Haze was smoke from forest fires that were north of our path. Visibility was good, next day however vis fell to about 5 miles.

Wobbling was light turbulence from time to time. Weather out and back was perfect.

Altitude was 5500' and the route followed the VFR path shown on the Vancouver chart mostly following the Crowsnest highway.

For anyone wanting to see what mountain valley flying is like, this should entice them. It was some of the most enjoyable flying I've ever done in my PA22. “

Thank you Allan for sharing this video with us. Experiences like this one are what motivates all of us in general aviation to seek out new experiences and explore new places.

Chris Thompson