September 2018

President's Message

Great Summer & The Future of PDW

Greetings Aviators,

As summer is winding down I hope everyone had a chance to enjoy with family and friends. I hope to see everyone at the Airport Social September 14th; it should be a good time. I want to extend my thanks to the Edenvale Airport team who is sponsoring this event.

PDW saw lots of flying this summer, and it all went very well for the most part. I had a great time at the COPA 4 Kids event and want to pass along my praise to all who contributed and attended. It was a really great event and something I am looking forward to doing again next year.

I want to thank all members for the support and assistance keeping the airplane and hangar in neat and tidy order. All club members must work together to ensure everyone is doing their part as the club will not thrive if members simply “rent” the airplane. Thank you to everyone for your continued support and contributions.

In the near future we will be sending out a survey for the flying members of the club. The Board is looking for feedback from the flying members of PDW on current and future needs and wants. This feedback is very important, and I urge all flying members to take some time and complete the survey. Click here to get to the survey.

The Board is working on a new COM 2 option in the near future. In the meantime, a reminder to all flying members that there is a "Monitor" function on the Garmin 480. If anyone is unfamiliar with this feature please don’t hesitate to reference the manual on the Pilot Resource section of the BFC website or ask for help.


Harrison Drake

Flight Operations

"Going-Around" & some other notes...

As summer draws to a close, the amazing fall colours await.  The incredible weather this year was some of the best that we've had for flying.  I hope everyone had a great summer.

Some members have been booking longer times on the calendar. For example, a 4 hour booking might only have 1 hour flying time. I inquired about this with a few members and found they were going for away breakfasts or lunches. That's great: that's what shes for.

Please note your intentions in the comments section of your booking. It keeps the members informed as to what's happening, and explains the shorter flying time.

The other thing I've noticed lately is that members are having more difficulty executing a proper go around. Here are some tips.

A go-around during the flare or a rejected landing can be a difficult maneuver. Slow airspeed and high power create the greatest amount of left turning tendencies. Further, adding the power causes a pitching up moment which if not corrected can cause the nose to rise quickly and the aircraft could stall. Both of these things need to be corrected promptly.

First the pitch up: since the airplane is normally trimmed for the proper approach speed and at low power, when we add full power the nose will pitch up significantly. We need to be prepared to counter this with forward elevator. If you add the power smoothly while watching the nose in relation to the horizon by looking out at the 10:30 to 11:00 position of the windscreen, you can keep that nose from climbing more than it should. Then you can begin to get the aircraft slowly back in trim. In PDW, full power should be applied along with carb heat off. Assuming full flap for the landing, immediately retract the flaps one position. Establish your climb speed, then retract one more step. Once the obstacles have been cleared, flaps up.

Some pilots trim nose up during the flare. Doing this will further complicate the out of trim condition if a go-around is required.

Now for the left turning problems: As we mentioned, these are at their worst at this time because of the high nose attitude. P-factor is at its greatest. So we need to anticipate a need for lots of right rudder as we are adding power. Looking over the cowl should establish the correct attitude for level flight temporally as flap retraction and climb speed are established. Another clue to proper rudder control is to check the ailerons. If you are holding a lot of right aileron for a crosswind, you need more right rudder.

When executing a rejected landing there is no reason to add the power quickly. Usually just a little power and a slight pitch up will keep you in the air. So add the power positively but only at a rate that allows you to maintain control of the aircraft.

Happy Flying!

Randy Van Ness
Flight Ops

PDW Maintenance

Flying Makes PDW Happy!

We've had a busy summer of flying and thats great! It seems the more PDW flies, the less it breaks which is awesome.

We are sampling oil periodically and recording the results of the particle analysis. All parameters are normal and we should have a solid trend established with a few more samples.

The 100 hour inspection was recently completed with no major issues. The fuel seep on the right side will be addressed in the fall time frame, perhaps at the same time as the annual, depending on shop availability. The Com 2 issue will also be resolved during that time. We have gathered a few quotes over the summer months and are in good position to make a decision on the way forward.

See you around the airport.

Steve Methot

What's Up

Events and Announcements

Hi Everyone. We’re beginning to wind down our summer activity schedule, sad as that might be. Thanks to all those who participated in our pancake breakfast, club BBQ, monthly Fly Outs, COPA for Kids and our display at the Gathering. We have one fly out left on our calendar, plus the airport social which we will use as our September club social meeting.

We’re working hard to make this social a special event that involves all the groups at the airport. It will be held in M hangar, the airport management is providing complimentary food and drinks.  There will be EAA videos of Oshkosh 2018 playing and we’ll have live music by Joe Garrisi, a local artist who covers a wide genre of music. It’s on Friday September 14 from 6-8 for members and spouses. I’d really appreciate a quick email to confirm you’ll be there so we have an idea of numbers. I hope everyone can make it.

October 20 will be our first Saturday morning meeting with a presentation by Leath Greenwood on his years of being an F18 pilot. This promises to be an exciting one!


Grant Lloyd
Events & Social Director

Borden Flying Club
COPA Flight 84
Edenvale Aerodrome, Stayner, ON

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