September 2016 Newsletter

Message from the President

It's hard to believe that we are already into September. What a great Summer it has been for flying. According to Environment Canada, we can expect good weather right through the Fall. It’s been a busy Summer for the Club, we had a static display at this year’s Canadian Forces Weekend at Base Borden, we participated although without a plane at this years’ Gathering of the Classics, and finally we are supporting again this year the Ewings, Rally for the Cure; coming up this Sunday.

PDW has been flown by Members to Oshkosh, Pennsylvania, and will be going on a long trip to the Midwest to see sights like Mt. Rushmore. I personally am looking forward to hearing presentations from those pilots that experienced these destinations.

Because PDW is being flown so much these days it is a good time to remind all members to review and be familiar with the extended and overnight policies at the club. This information can be found on the club website under the “Club Info” tab and Rates.

Also, just a friendly reminder to all members who are flying cross-country flights; long or short. Please only book the aircraft for the time that you need, as a courtesy for the other pilots who may be trying to book the aircraft that same day.

And finally, September marks the return to your monthly members meetings. This month's meeting will be held at Bistro 26 meeting room Thursday, September 22nd at 7:00 PM. As always there is a group that usually comes for dinner beforehand. If you have not come for dinner before, I encourage you to do so. Always a fun time, lots of hangar flying, etc…

See you on the 22nd.

Chris Thompson

PDW Maintenance

It has been an excellent summer of flying maintenance-wise. No major issues, so I thank the members for taking good care of the airplane. Upcoming maintenance is a 50-hour oil change. Some planning and prep has begun for the aircraft annual which is coming up in November, exact dates to be confirmed.

During the Annual we plan to send away the AI for overhaul to Woodland Instruments in Ottawa. The wheel pants will be removed. I hope to have modifications (doors), made to allow for easier access to wheel for checking tire pressure over the winter.

I have made note of the interior carpet on the front passenger side is worn and reaching the end of its life cycle.

Care of the Airplane - Lubrication and Servicing Procedures

Do not operate on less than 6 quarts. To minimize loss of oil through the breather (which then covers the belly of the airplane) fill to 7 quarts for normal flights of less than 3 hours. For extended flight, fill to 8 quarts. Please ensure when adding quart(s) it is documented in the Journey Log.

Harrison Drake