September 2015 Newsletter

Message from the President ‏

It's hard to believe that we are in September again! The Summer was active with lots of flying, a great turnout at the Gathering of the Classics in August, and some new members to the Borden Flying Club. To our new members, welcome! I look forward to seeing you around the airport and at the club meetings which start back up again in September.

Some of you may have noticed an e-blast on the weekend, about our September meeting. In an effort to accommodate our guest speaker we have moved the club meeting back by one week. Please mark it on your calendars that we will be meeting on the 24th of September this month. As usual Bistro 26 will be the venue, and as always there are usually a number of us, who sit down for cocktails and dinner before the meeting starts. I encourage all who are planning on attending the meeting to join us beforehand.

PRM Role Change 

I would like to take a moment to personally thank Steve Methot for his dedication to the Club as both a Board Member and PRM.  He did a fantastic job, and I and I'm certain all in the club wish Steve well, as he returns to school at the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston to, in his words, "Learn to blow things up!" {Make sure that you read that with enthusiasm and with a French Canadian Accent :-) }.  I would also like to thank Tom Stiff for once again stepping into the PRM role during Steve's absence.  Tom's mechanical knowledge, airmanship, and rolodex of contacts in the industry make him a fantastic asset to the club.

Chris Thompson


The aircraft is currently in good flying condition.

A new ELT antenna has been installed, tested, and certified. Thanks to Peter Richards for taking PDW to the shop while on a cross country, and to the staff at BrantAero for the installation.

Finally, this is a friendly reminder to check the clipboard in the hanger for any last minute maintenance notes before each flight.

Tom Stiff

Flight Ops

The summer flying season is coming to an end, but some beautiful fall flying is upon us, especially those flights to see the fall colours.

General aviation pilots traditionally fly more during the summer as they are more comfortable and confident. Transport Canada has published information about getting caught in "traps". A reminder to all that these traps can affect all pilots of any age or experience level. I know because I have been caught. To ensure we remain safe, we need to periodically review the information and often apply those concepts to our level of flying experience.

Some of these traps as borrowed from Transport Canada are:

  • External Pressure
  • Resistance to change
  • Carelessness
  • Loss of situational awareness
  • Pilot falls behind the airplane

Many of these concepts are compounded together, especially when a pilot becomes stressed. These factors can contribute to an occurrence or an accident. May this remind all of us that we must be vigilant in ensuring we don't fall into these traps.

Portions from Transport Canada Aviation Safety Letter Issue 3/14.

Fly Safe!

Don Bradley
BFC Checkpilot

Club Meeting

September 24th, 19:00 at the Bistro 26

Plan on joining us at the September Club Meeting at Edenvale Aerodrome. We will be welcoming Marc-André Valiquette who will be speaking about the legendary CF-105 Arrow.

Marc-André's dream of becoming a military pilot was cut short by a medical problem. He took his love of aviation through a career that started at Noorduyn Norseman Aerospace and continued through work at CAE where he became a world leader in flight simulation.

His passion continues as an aviation writer and speaker. His books are self-published in Canada without public or private funding.

For more information check out his web site:

Mark Szwarc
Events Coordinator

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