PDW Maintenance Update

PDW Maintenance Update

Engine Break-In Continues

Thanks to the efforts of Randy, Jim, Bruce, and Mark (and Orillia Aviation)...

PDW is now returned to service.

The engine has had a top-end overhaul, a new ELT installed, a worn tire and tube replaced, and her wheel pants installed.

For at least the next 25 hours the engine must be operated under "break-in" limitations. This means:

  1. Normal run-up and takeoff procedures.
  2. No circuits! Long flights are best for break-in. Make throttle changes slowly and smoothly. Keep the engine hot!
  3. PLEASE: ABSOLUTELY NO CLOSED THROTTLE LANDINGS. Ease the aircraft down slowly. Smoothly and gradually ease back the power until roll-out. Closed throttle landings can lead to glazing and only honing the cylinder walls can remedy that.
  4. Keep a vigilant eye on the oil level. During the break-in cycle the oil consumption is sometimes excessive and random. Don't count on uniform oil depletion. USE ONLY AEROSHELL 100 Mineral oil. You will find lots in the hangar.
  5. Altitudes should be limited to 5500 feet, or thereabouts, to prevent the power from dropping below 65%; review the power settings in the POH. In cruise, vary the power settings every 15 or 20 minutes or so, bearing in mind not to drop below 65%. Keep the engine hot! 

PDW is a pretty lady! Treat her well and she'll be a great companion for many years.

Finally, with new tires all round, we should try to keep off the brakes. Heels on the floor.

Tom Stiff