PDW Back In Service

PDW Back In Service Soon!

Special Flight Ops Announcement Regarding Engine Break-In

Good morning. First, I’d like to thank everybody for attending the club meeting yesterday morning. Captain Bruce DeGeer gave us an excellent talk and PowerPoint presentation on his military and Air Canada career. Dr. Thomas Stiff provided an in-depth update on PDW, along with the required break-in procedure.

The first 10 hours is extremely critical for a new engine. We hope to have the initial break-in completed this week and expect to have PDW back in service early next week. After 10 hours of operation there must be an oil change and filter inspection.  In the first 25 hours of operation there circuits are not permitted.  Flights with long cruise segments will make for a better break-in resulting in longer engine life.

Conduct the normal engine start and warm-up procedures. Take-off should be at full power, remembering to close the cowl flaps during after takeoff checks.  Cruise power settings must be between 65% and 75%, alternating settings every 10 to 15 minutes.  This maintains the high engine temperatures required to properly seat the piston rings.  Power settings for various altitudes are found in the operating handbook.  Flying at a density altitude of 5000 feet is the best scenario.  

Monitor oil temperature and pressure more vigilantly during break-in.  Oil temperature should not exceed 220 at any time.

The entire approach to landing must be conducted with power on. Power setting changes must be smooth.  Of course, full flap is usually required for this operation.

We thank you all for your continued patience. I think that we will find the wait was worth it once PDW is back in service.

Randy Van Ness
Flight Operations & President