October Newsletter

Message from the President

The club kicked off the start of Fall with a fantastic BBQ at the Hangar, on a rare Saturday night get together. It was great to see a number of members and their families out for the event. Now that the colder weather is now upon us again, back inside we go to Bistro 26 for our regular 3rd Thursday of the Month Club Meetings. I look forward to seeing everyone on the 16th for this months meeting.

Also a quick reminder to everyone to check the expiry date on their Aviation Document Booklet. For many pilots who received their booklets in the 1st year of its inception, the booklet will expire 1 December 2014. I have attached a link to the Transport Canada renewal page. – Transport Canada - Aviation Document Booklet.

The Fall colours are nearing their peak. Their isn’t anything more spectacular than viewing them from the air.

Happy Flying !

Chris Thompson


Flight Operations - In the Envelope

The October meeting will be a tech- night, with a review of winter operations. The night will also include an overview involving a recent C177 accident and some discussion on safety lessons learned. Anyone wishing to address other flight topics that night, send us a note at flight.operations@bordenflyingclub.com.

PDW has had some hard-to-start issues, although no major problems were discovered, some preventative maintenance was completed with other components to be inspected in the near future. Currently, with new spark-plugs installed, and a slight adjustment to timing - the engine is starting and running very smooth again. Additionally, when work is done on the ignition system, it may change the start behaviour of the engine. PDW at this point; Cold Starts - continue to work well with 3 - 4 primer strokes depending on engine and outside air temperatures (both must be considered). Hot Starts - no prime works better now, should the engine not catch after several seconds then a maximum of one primer stroke could be used. Remember, as always, if your start technique does not work, best to clear the engine and rethink the plan.

On the lighter side, here is an old saying about starting aviation piston engines; "engine start is one part science, one part art, one part folklore, and two parts luck"

Have fun, fly safe,
Sam Sciscione
Director Flight Operations


September's BBQ and Harvard Flights

For those who couldn't make it

Our attempt to host 13 pilots - 4 guest and 9 flying members - in cooperation with the Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association fell victim to the fickle Fall weather. Bjarni Tryggvasen had committed to bring one of the CHAA’s Harvards, a 1942 MKII, all the way from Tillsonberg to fly with members in conjunction with our fall BBQ.

Unfortunately, after a solid week of CAVU summer weather the skies clouded over and the rain forced us to postpone the flying. As luck would have it though the evening weather was perfect for BBQ’ing and the 30 or so folks in attendance more than made up for the disappointing weather with an evening of socializing at our hangar. Thanks to all who participated and especially to Carol, Chris, Stacey, Karen and Dieter for helping get the hangar in great shape.

P.S. Pray for good weather October 25th… we fly the Harvard!

Steve Haire


October Club Meeting

Thursday 7PM October 16th

As Sam already mentioned this month’s meeting is a Winter Rust Remover. These meetings are of great value to all pilots, whether they are club members or not. Who do you know that would benefit from sitting in our Thursday night briefing? Did you know that as the local COPA Flight at Edenvale Airport our meetings are open to the public? If you know of anyone who would enjoy meeting our members and would benefit from an evening with our club please extend an invitation..the coffee’s on us!

Time: 7PM, Date: October 16th, Place: Edenvale Airport’s Bistro 26. For more information email vice.president@bordenflyingclub.com

Steve Haire


Borden Flying Club Christmas Party

Saturday December 6th

Yes I know we're barely into Fall and still on the summer-side of Thanksgiving. It’s only eleven weeks until Christmas!

Last years Christmas Party was a sell out with not an empty seat to be had and this year will be the same. Please check and mark your calendars early, our club party is December 6th at Bistro 26.

In the next week or so we’ll be sending out an e-blast encouraging everyone in the club to RSVP. When you get the e-mail please take a minute to help make planning the event accurate insuring no one gets left out in the snow.

We look forward to seeing everyone there.

Steve Haire


Maintenance Update

By now most of you have had a chance to use the new restraint harness. Please remember to simply stow the harness by fastening the main buckle with the clips when not in use. The easy way to verify the serviceability of the inertia reel is to quickly pull on the shoulder straps to see if the reel engages.

The cargo door latch mechanism has been fixed. Please be advised that the cargo door latch mechanism uses small springs to return the latch to neutral (you guessed it, the spring is what had broken and it is also very expensive!!). With the constant opening of the cargo door to plug in the battery minder it gets used quite a bit...be mindful not to slam the door shut when using it as it stresses the spring. Rather pry the latch open with the handle and release when the door is in the closed position.

Next inspection will be a 200hrs. Items that will be addressed at that time are R/H wing tip repair and auto pilot snag (tracks right on all modes). Wheel pants will be removed soon and winter kit will be installed when the temps are getting low (0 deg average Grrrr). We will also replace the attitude indicator as the current one is showing signs of deterioration. 

Steve Methot


Online Tanis Heater Update

We are happy to report that the website controls that operate the Tanis heater are operational once again. Earlier this year our hangar-based cellular modem was taken out of service after Bell Canada’s network changes made our equipment obsolete. I’d like to take the opportunity to thank Fred Simpson for the effort that went into acquiring the replacement hardware, only minor tweaking was required to get it back online.

You will recall that last year we saw the occasional error being generated when the page with the web-controls was displayed. After additional tinkering and experimenting with various situations I believe that you will not encounter any further connectivity issues. If you happen to access the Tanis heater via the website to pre-heat the airplane and it does not operate as it should please do the following a) note any conditions that were occurring at the time i.e. air temperature, website errors etc, and b) note the time of the issue and send an email to directors@bordenflyingclub.com.

Please remember that the heater is installed to protect the airplane’s engine from unnecessary wear and tear that can occur during cold weather starts… please make sure the heater is operating properly.

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