October 2016

Flight Operations

Inside The Envelope

The club has logged high flying hours this summer, coupled with near capacity membership, all great to see! As winter approaches there will be a notable drop in flying and some pilots will run out of flight currency.

With many new and returning members joining the club, and as a good reminder for experienced members here is a reminder of the club's currency requirements.

BFC Currency

  1. Initial checkout - all new members.
  2. Every 60 days fly as PIC.
  3. Annual Review (one per membership year) with club check  pilot.

When applicable for addition club privileges:

  • Night checkout (one time)
  • IFR checkout (one time)

The annual review requirements were recently updated and announced at the last technical night meeting. The annual review is still required for any member who maintains currency throughout the year. Members who attended a recurrent checkout, will not require the annual review. The ideal being that all members go through a checkout event, at minimum once per membership year. However, all the check pilots continue to encourage members into booking an annual review regardless, and stay fresh with X-country and flying techniques. Annual reviews can be any short X-country destination, lately CYKZ or CYPQ have proven to be a good challenge for members.

Any feedback on flight operations, let us know - we want to hear back from your experiences!

Stay safe and warm,

Sam Sciscione
Director of Flight Operations

Maintenance Update

Greetings Aviators,

If you have been flying and adding oil some may have noticed the new red oil quarts. Nothing has changed other than the branding on the oil cans. The oil is the same Aeroshell W15-W50. In the event you are flying and observe the hangar oil supply quantity becoming low, it would be appreciated if you could email or give me a call. Your support is appreciated.

On September 26, the wheel pants were removed from the aircraft ahead of schedule due to some unscheduled maintenance. The front nose wheel/tire were replaced and bearings serviced due to a shimmy. The shimmy dampener was also serviced and the airplane checked out serviceable.

As we move into October fall/winter is beginning to set in. I wanted to remind all flying members that the engine blanket MUST be installed and the remote heater plugged in when putting the airplane to bed in the hangar. The overnight temperature lows should be considered for morning flights and the engine pre-heated accordingly.

A reminder: the annual is upcoming in November. Tentative dates are posted on the booking schedule however these may change. Please keep this in mind when planning any flights, I will do my best to finalize the dates as soon as possible.

Harrison Drake

Preheat Requirements

Anytime that the temperature is forecast to be below 5ºC, a full 3 hour preheat is required.

Please disregard the heater timing chart that is shown in the "Member Joining Package" as it was written for the block heater in CMQ, our previous aircraft. PDW has a completely different heating system with the full 3 hour preheat requirement any time that it is colder than 5ºC.

Remember that the hanger retains the cold of the night.  Your flight may be planned for a lovely 10ºC day, but it may have been well below zero over night.  On that 10ºC morning, the engine will be cold-soaked and the full 3 hour preheat is still required. 

Pre-heating is one of the easiest things we can do to extend the healthy life of our engine!  Thank you for your cooperation.


October Meeting Guest Speaker

Peter Lubig

Peter will speak about his experience working with Canadian Aviator Magazine. He has an editorial for the past 6 years plus. The storyline is about professional pilots and their private aircraft. The best part is getting to know these individuals and their past aviation experience. The types of aircraft that the owners own vary form J-3 Cubs to Albatros L-39. Peter will present some of the interesting and exciting stories these individuals have to tell.

Peter has been in aviation since High School and has been employed as a full-time pilot since 1978. Currently he works with Jazz as a captain on the CRJ Regional jet.

The accompanying picture is Peter going for a ride with the Air Cadets; this story will be in the Nov/Dec issue of Canadian Aviator.

Join us at the Bistro 26 at 19:00 on Thursday, October 20th.

Testing New Booking Website

Your input is encouraged!

Our current aircraft booking website is very old and will not be supported in the future.  We have looked at a number of alternatives (15, to be precise) and are doing a more intensive test on this one: AircraftClubs.com.

While we cannot promise that a new system will meet 100% of our needs, we will do our best to pick something workable. So far, this site has proven to be the best that we have seen.  It has been tested with an iPhone, Android, and both Chrome and IE on a PC.  The basic features are all there. 

Feel free to test the software using using our trial logon.  All of the data in this trial is fake, so please use our existing website for real bookings.  Go to the website: AircraftClubs.com and use the following credentials:

User Id: General_Member

Password: BFC

The user id will be disabled in a couple of weeks, without warning.  Try it out and send any feedback that you have via email to Mark (click here)

Mark Szwarc

Tanis Remote Control Problem

Our sincere apologies...

The remote control of our Tanis heater started acting up just as the cold weather arrived. This means that pilots must drive to the airport to plug in the heater manually prior to cold weather flights if the remote control is not available. Sorry for the inconvenience. Rest assured that we are working on a better solution.

Look to future newsletters for update on this issue.