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November Club Meeting - A Tale of Two Lancasters

Canadian Warplane Heritage UK Tour

Thursday November 20th, 7:00PM, the Borden Flying Club is honoured to feature an evening with crew members from the Canadian Warplane Heritage's Mynarski Lancaster England Tour. Make a point of coming out to Edenvale Airport’s Bistro 26 to hear how their trans-Atlantic journey actually started 35 years earlier. The crew will take us from the Lanc's awkward arrival at Mount Hope slung under a Chinook helicopter all the way to its epic tour of England and back.

Mike Charters, a long-time CWH member and volunteer AME along with Craig Brookhouse, Crew Chief for the tour, were part of a team that successfully retraced the same route used to ferry thousands of Lancasters to Europe. As pilots and aviation enthusiasts this is an evening you’re sure to enjoy!

We are expecting that this presentation will create quite a buzz. If you are coming please use the RSVP form attached to this article to help us plan the evening.

As is usually the case, many members like to come out around 5 PM for dinner, please come out and break-bread with friends and our guest speakers; see you there!
- Photos use courtesy of Mike Charters

Harvard Day - Borden Flying Club

A flight back in time

Finally, after several weathered out attempts to hold our club’s Harvard Day the event actually made it into the history books! Sunday October 26th dawned a cold, overcast and blustery day. Rising early to check the weather I wasn’t at all hopeful that we’d be able to fly but Bjarni, determined to meet his commitment to our club, called at 6:00AM to say we’re GO.

Gradually the overcast turned to broken skies and the sun started to poke through as the unmistakable sound of two Pratt and Whitney 1430 Wasps arrived overhead.

CHAA - Chris Thompson rear seatThe day progressed fantastically. Bjarni and his number two, Scott McMaster, paired two Borden Flying Club pilots for each flight giving us all the “full” Harvard experience. Every flight started with a cockpit and egress briefing along with the reassurance that the parachute we were putting on was little more than a seat cushion. I think most members will agree that climbing into the Harvard you’re first aware that it’s quite a hike up and into the rear cockpit. Once settled in the difference between our Cardinal and the cavernous cockpit was very apparent.

Starting the engine you’re momentarily enveloped in smoke as the 9 cylinder radial burns off the oil that’s collected in the bottom jugs; but soon the engine is thumping away happily 8 feet ahead of you as we S-turned our way to the active runway. Once we were airborne the fun really began as Bjarni and Scott put the two Harvards through their paces taking turns formatting on each other, demonstrating line astern and echelon formation flying.

As the day went on everyone had the opportunity to have plenty of stick time, getting the feel for the airplane until we were at an altitude that permitted letting the Harvard really shine with loops, rolls, cuban 8’s and hammerheads!!! It was a total blast.

I want to thank the crew from the Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association for their diligent effort to make our day a fun and safe adventure. Also to the staff of Bistro 26 who graciously allowed us to “crash” their restaurant for the day and finally to everyone who flew Sunday, your patience and perseverance made it a successful day for everyone involved, without you it would never have been possible.

On a related note, please take a moment this November 11th to remember the men and women who have served our country. During the second world war tens of thousands of aircrew trained on bases like Edenvale, many flying the Harvard, in the process more than 2,500 airmen lost their lives in training accidents.
- Photo Steve Haire


October's Meeting Wrap-up

For those who couldn't make it

Last month’s meeting was a well attended Winter Rust Remover. Not only did we see the “usual suspects” around the meeting room we also had a good number of active pilots and prospective new members join us for dinner.

A thank you to Sam as well to Randy for an upbeat, honest review of how to stay safe while enjoying the fun of winter flying in Southern Ontario.


Borden Flying Club Christmas Party

Saturday December 6th

The date for the party has been set and the room confirmed, we are a go for Saturday December 6th. Once again the venue is the Bistro at Edenvale.

While the details have to be completely sorted out I suspect we won’t stray to far from last year’s costs or the sumptuous Christmas menu. Please watch the website for details and an RSVP, they’ll be posted as the price and menu become available.


Maintenance Update

PDW will be going into maintenance this month. Unfortunately, we are still experiencing some intermittent starting problems and I hope to have this issue fixed before the cold weather months. Don't forget to make sure the battery minder is properly plugged in and while you are doing so, please remember not to slam the cargo door shut as it may break the latch spring. This spring is hard to get and cost hundreds of dollars!!! Yes something that small and common is that expensive (it is installed on an airplane after all!). Instead hold the latch open until the door is closed and gently release!

Thanks to every one for reporting all the maintenance issues in a timely matter.
Happy flying!


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