November 2019

President's Message

Winter is Coming!

Summer is long gone and fall is here for sure; a hint of winter is already coming at us. I’m glad to see that the airplane is being booked as much as it is, considering the weather that we’ve had lately.

I’d like to thank Grant LLoyd for arranging and bringing an excellent speaker last month. Our guest speaker was Michael Heinz of Zenith aircraft out of Midland.

Michael gave an excellent presentation on the different aircraft that they manufacture, the progression of the company, and how it’s modernized. Also how the kits are very simple now and they could be constructed by almost anybody.

They only have 18 employees in Midland but they ship all around the world.

I encourage everybody to attend the meetings every third Saturday of the month at Edenvale.

Randy Van Ness

Flight Operations

Try Stay Current!

Currency Requirements:
Please make every effort to protect your 60 day currency as we move into the winter months. Several members are in jeopardy of exceeding the 60 day limit in the next few weeks. Please allow yourself a buffer in advance of the 60 day expiration date. Note: Due to external commitments, our check pilot availability will be very limited in November and December.

Flight Notification:
Please remember that filing a VFR Flight Plan takes precedence over a Flight Itinerary, and should be your first choice for Safety. If unable, a Flight Itinerary is also and option. The proper flight Itinerary format is clearly defined in the aeronautical information manual (AIM).

Make every effort to follow it as closely as possible when a Itinerary is left with someone you trust. A suggested technique is to consider loading your trusted contactsʼ mobile phone with the contact details for London FIC (1 866 541 4104) and if able, provide a few “notes” to attach directly in the contact info.  For example: Cessna 177 Cardinal. White with Burgundy stripes, Fixed Landing gear, true airspeed of 130 knots, 1 small Medical kit, (2) life vests and no survival gear other than personally carried by the individual pilot. Having done so, you have taken a large step towards helping out your friend as well as yourself!

Fly Safe, think Airmanship, and stay warm!

Jim Bertrand
Flight Ops

PDW Maintenance 

With winter weather upon us, the wheel pants will be removed very soon.  This is also the time of year when PDW's annual is compelted: we expect that to be booked for later in November. 

Pilots are reminded to check the time left until the next oil change on every flight.  If there are less than 10 hours before the next oil change is due, please notify the PRM by email (  Don't assume that the person before you has already reported the time remaining.  

Tom Stiff

What's Up

Events and Announcements

November meeting
Our November meeting will be held on Saturday the 16th in the banquet room at the Hangar Grill. We’re in for a real treat as Paul Grenier does a presentation on the trip he and Fred Simpson did this fall in our club Cardinal to Las Vegas and back. For all of us who were envious of this adventure, we’ll have the opportunity to experience it through their video and narration. As always plan on sticking around for lunch in the dining room if you’re able. See everyone there.

BFC Xmas dinner
We’re going to have a Xmas dinner this year together with the Edenvale CASARA zone. It will be held on Friday,Dec 6th at the Hangar Grill. We’re still working out a menu and price but I’ll get this information out to you soon. Hoping for a good turnout as it’s one of the few times we have an opportunity to get together as couples.

Grant Lloyd
Events & Social Director

Borden Flying Club
COPA Flight 84
Edenvale Aerodrome, Stayner, ON

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