November 2016

Message from the President

Positive Change

There have been quite a few positive steps forward at the club since I last wrote to everyone. We have a new member database and booking calendar system that allows greater flexibility for members wishing to book the airplane, better communication, and better ability for the club to use automation to track currencies. That being said, there will be a few growing pains as everyone gets used to the new system, so your patience is appreciated.

We have also invested in a new remote switch for the Tanis heater. Again, the premise behind the new switch was to provide members with greater reliability and flexibility.

The switch is called SwitchBox ( It will give pilots the ability to turn on the Tanis remotely via an Apple or Android app. Anyone of our pilots using the app will be able to see in real time if the Tanis is on or off. Set-up requires that we set-up a white-list of cell phone numbers that will be allowed to communicate with the SwitchBox, so if you have not done so lately, please ensure that your cell phone number is up to date in your member profile.

The fall has been an extension of the Summer in regards to great flying days, and our members have been taking advantage which is great to see. PDW will be going in around mid month for the Annual. At the moment we are anticipating a week for that to be completed, but please refer to the booking calendar for availability updates.

I am also pleased to announce that we will again be offering a reduced rate of $130.00/hr wet for night flying. This program will run from November 6th ending March 12th, 2017.  

I welcome feedback and suggestions from members regarding the club, so please do not hesitate to contact me

Fly safe!

Chris Thompson

Flight Operations

Inside the Envelope

This month's meeting - Flight operations will present winter operations, club reports/feedback from checkout flights, and the latest on GA flight safety. The flight safety review will include a short video, with the goal of generating discussion to help gain further insight in to what flight safety entails.

The club check-pilots regularly meet to review the training and checking progress of members. Coupled with hot topics throughout the GA industry, the evening will cover topics the check-pilots know need additional review. The information will address everyone from new joiners to seasoned long time members, also being what the check-pilots are promoting and training to on check/training flights.

Ultimately the technical nights are for all of us, to foster learning, sharing or even someone teaching an item or two.

Anyone interested in a specific topic to share with the club, let us know at

Stay informed and safe,

Sam Sciscione
Director, Flight Operations

PDW Maintenance

Annual This Month


As we all know, the annual will be getting under way the week of November 14. All members are asked to keep an eye on the booking calendar in the event dates slide. I will use this opportunity to remind the flying members to take the best care of PDW possible as the aircraft age and hours increase.

The interior carpet was hoped to be installed during this annual. However, due to lead time from the factory, it will not be ready in time. The manufacturer, Airtex products, does 'made to order' interiors for most aircraft and has been in business for 66 years. AvWeb did a factory tour and has a video on Youtube for anyone interested. Further updates on the installation to follow, I hope to have this done at some point over the winter.

Currently PDW is limited to Day VFR due to a broken Nav Light Switch. This will be repaired and we have a wish list of replacing the current nav bulbs with LED replacement bulbs. As we know swapping to LED draws considerably less power from the electrical system which will be benifical... plus it looks cool!

For those of us that conduct night flights, a reminder to ensure we turn off the panel lighting once the flight is complete. Unless you check the rheostats, the panel lights might be on during the day and go unnoticed shorting the useful life of the bulbs. This will ensure the panel light bulbs are serviceable for the night flying group.

Thank you everyone for your patience during the annual.

Harrison Drake

November Meeting

November 17th, 19:00, at the Bistro 26

As noted above, the November meeting will be dedicated to Flight Ops to help us prepare for winter flying and to update us on matters of safety.  Join us at the Bistro 26, at Edenvale Aerodrome, at 19:00.  As always, a number of members typically meet for dinner prior to the meeting.

The traditional December banquet has not been set as of yet.  Watch for updates via email in the coming weeks.


The Hanger in Winter

Implements to ease winter operations

BFC has a number of things around the hanger to make winter operations a bit easier.  Here is a list of useful items:

  • Space heater - can be used under the desk while doing paperwork, or to warm up the cabin before a flight
  • Roof rake - with long extensions, this can be used to clear snow drifts from the roof before opening the door
  • Snow shovels - to clear that snow you just pulled off the roof;  Also, the plow can leave snow that gets in our way;
  • Sand - to help with traction on a slippery day
  • Electric winch - to help pull PDW up into the hanger (see image for rope hook-up) 

If you intend to fly soon after a snowfall, it is wise to contact Edenvale Aerodrome to check on runway conditions and to ensure that a path is clear for taxiing.

Let us know if you have any questions.  Have a safe winter and keep warm!

IFR Ground School

Barrie Area - November 25 to 28

Hello Everyone,

I am organizing an accelerated four day IFR Ground-School course in the Barrie area, Friday November 25 - Monday November 28th.  Planning 10am - 6pm each day.

The course will fully prepare candidates to write the TC INRAT (instrument rating) exam.  

Additionally, the course is designed to build an essential Instrument Flight Rules knowledge foundation.  Thus pilots will not only pass the exam, but also attain the skills and practical principles to safely operate during instrument flight conditions.  

Numerous members have previously taken the course simply to expand their knowledge base, and all are welcome to attend for this purpose.  

Enrolment and further details, contact myself anytime at (416)473-3226 or  Total Price - Non-IFR rated $300, IFR Rated $250.

At CNV8, GPDW is well equipped for IFR training and operations.  A well equipped Piper Seminole is also available for Class 1 ratings (multi-engine IFR).

Best Regards,