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2016 Christmas Dinner Final Survey

Christmas Dinner at the Bistro 26

The Borden Flying Club Christmas Dinner is scheduled for December 17th at the Bistro 26.  Let's meet for drinks at 18:00 with dinner set to begin at 19:00.  To ensure that the Bistro 26 has the right ingredients on hand, we need to know the final count of guests and what you think you will want for dinner that night.  Also, we want to know if there are any allergies or other special requirements.

Please click here to open the survey.

There is no need to respond to this survey if you are not planning to attend.  If you said "no" to the last survey, you can still change your mind and let us know you are coming by using this survey.  If this is the one date that you couldn't make, sorry but we went with the majority vote.

The meal is $53.00 per person.  This includes wine on each table, coffee, tea, gratuity, and tax.

Please respond by the end of Sunday, December 11th.  Thank you!


November 2016

Message from the President

Positive Change

There have been quite a few positive steps forward at the club since I last wrote to everyone. We have a new member database and booking calendar system that allows greater flexibility for members wishing to book the airplane, better communication, and better ability for the club to use automation to track currencies. That being said, there will be a few growing pains as everyone gets used to the new system, so your patience is appreciated.

We have also invested in a new remote switch for the Tanis heater. Again, the premise behind the new switch was to provide members with greater reliability and flexibility.

The switch is called SwitchBox ( It will give pilots the ability to turn on the Tanis remotely via an Apple or Android app. Anyone of our pilots using the app will be able to see in real time if the Tanis is on or off. Set-up requires that we set-up a white-list of cell phone numbers that will be allowed to communicate with the SwitchBox, so if you have not done so lately, please ensure that your cell phone number is up to date in your member profile.

October 2016

Flight Operations

Inside The Envelope

The club has logged high flying hours this summer, coupled with near capacity membership, all great to see! As winter approaches there will be a notable drop in flying and some pilots will run out of flight currency.

With many new and returning members joining the club, and as a good reminder for experienced members here is a reminder of the club's currency requirements.

BFC Currency

  1. Initial checkout - all new members.
  2. Every 60 days fly as PIC.
  3. Annual Review (one per membership year) with club check  pilot.

When applicable for addition club privileges:

  • Night checkout (one time)
  • IFR checkout (one time)

The annual review requirements were recently updated and announced at the last technical night meeting. The annual review is still required for any member who maintains currency throughout the year. Members who attended a recurrent checkout, will not require the annual review. The ideal being that all members go through a checkout event, at minimum once per membership year. However, all the check pilots continue to encourage members into booking an annual review regardless, and stay fresh with X-country and flying techniques. Annual reviews can be any short X-country destination, lately CYKZ or CYPQ have proven to be a good challenge for members.

Any feedback on flight operations, let us know - we want to hear back from your experiences!

Stay safe and warm,

Sam Sciscione
Director of Flight Operations

May 2016 Newsletter

From the President

A New Year

Well, the New Year is upon us at the BFC, we had a successful turnout at the AGM held on April 23rd, and a new Board elected. Here is the rundown of the Board Members and their respective positions:

  • Chris Thompson - President
  • Owen Sneath - Vice-President and Secretary
  • Allan Ross - Treasurer
  • Harrison Drake - PRM
  • Sam Sciscione - Flight Ops
  • Clive Oosthuizen - Membership
  • Mark Szwarc - Events and IT

I'd like to thank every one of these Gentlemen for their continued support in the smooth operation of the club!

In reviewing the contact list, a number of members have let their documents lapse on their profile. In some instances, converting them to "pending" from "flying" because of expired medical information. Please take a moment and update your contact record. Make sure that all licence and medical information is up to date. Please inform Clive in Membership when you renew your medical, as he must update that information in the system. Pending Status restricts your access to the booking calendar. Do not get caught out!

Lets have a great year of Flying!

Chris Thompson

Final Call: Dinner RSVP Request

Last Call!  If you are thinking of joining us for our annual holiday dinner on December 12thplease click on this link and fill in the survey.

RSVP by Wednesday evening at the latest.

A big thank you to all of those who have already responded.  Also, thanks to the members who took the time to email their regrets. 

Reminder: Dinner RSVP Request

We only have 6 responses to our survey so far.  If you are thinking of joining us for dinner on December 12thplease click on this link and fill in the survey.

We would like to estimate the number of people who expect to join us for the annual holiday dinner at the Bistro 26 on December the 12th. The Bistro 26 will be keeping to the same price as last year: $35 per person (plus tax and gratuity). It will be a fixed menu that includes a selection of appetizer, main dish, and dessert. Of course, beverages are extra.

We will meet for cocktails at 18:00 and have dinner served at 19:00.  We hope that you will be able to join us!

Planning for December...

Each year the Borden Flying Club membership gets together for a holiday celebration. In recent years, this has been a dinner event early in December. We would like to know if you would prefer to continue with a dinner or if you would rather have a lunch event. Once we have a good idea of what people prefer, we will pick a date and will look for an RSVP in a future survey.

Please use this link and complete the one question survey.

Thank you!

Reminder: BFC Club Meeting is September 24th

Please note that we have moved our September meeting to the evening of the 24thWe will hear a talk about the famed CF-105 Avro Arrow.  The meeting is at the Bistro 26 at 19:00. Some of us will be arriving earlier for dinner.  We hope to see you there.

Click here to see our newsletter with further details.

September 2015 Newsletter

Message from the President ‏

It's hard to believe that we are in September again! The Summer was active with lots of flying, a great turnout at the Gathering of the Classics in August, and some new members to the Borden Flying Club. To our new members, welcome! I look forward to seeing you around the airport and at the club meetings which start back up again in September.

Some of you may have noticed an e-blast on the weekend, about our September meeting. In an effort to accommodate our guest speaker we have moved the club meeting back by one week. Please mark it on your calendars that we will be meeting on the 24th of September this month. As usual Bistro 26 will be the venue, and as always there are usually a number of us, who sit down for cocktails and dinner before the meeting starts. I encourage all who are planning on attending the meeting to join us beforehand.

July 2015 Newsletter

Message from the President

I am pleased to announce that by the time everyone sits down to read this months newsletter, GPDW should be back at Edenvale and ready to enjoy. I thank all of our pilots for their patience and understanding during the down time. And to the spouses of all our pilots; Your Welcome ! Guys, I hope that you used the down time to get the chores around the house completed. Only kidding ! Only Kidding !

Mark your calendars for Saturday August the 8th for the Gathering of the Classics ! In the past many of our members have generously volunteered their time to help make the Classics a success. We will once again have the club and our cardinal on display at the event. If you have a few hours to volunteer to man the booth it would be greatly appreciated. Please contact myself ( or Mark Szwarc ( if you are available.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Summer, I look forward to seeing you around the airport !


Chris Thompson

Last Minute BBQ Reminder

We certainly hope to see many members, and their guests, out at the club hanger for the BBQ on Thursday evening. The event will take place on the 18th between 18:00 and 21:00. Burgers and hot dogs will be provided. It will be great if you could bring a side dish or dessert to share, something for yourself to drink, and some coolers with ice to keep things cool. Check out the June Newsletter for details.

Urgent update Required to all Member Profiles

It is getting to be that time of year again, where we as a club are required to submit an Annual Insurance Report on all pilots flying at the Borden Flying Club. If you have not already done so, could I please ask that you take a few minutes to update your contact profile on the website with your updated information regarding the number of hours flown as of April 1/2015, number of hours flown in the last 12 months, and any new ratings that you have.

I would appreciate it if everyone could update their profiles by Friday the 5th of June.


Chris Thompson - President