Borden Flying Club Newsletter

December 2018

President's Message

Merry Christmas!

Hopefully this doesn’t come too early for everyone, but I wanted to extend my best wishes and a Merry Christmas to all the members as we start the month of December. I want to thank all flying members for their patience as we work through the COM 2 installation, fuel repair, and annual. These larger projects unfortunately tend to drag on despite everyone’s best efforts. Please rest assured the Board working to have these projects completed as quickly as possible while not compromising quality and safety. The good news is the downtime has been during the worst of  November weather. Updates on the progress will be provided via email though and the calendar is being kept up to date with maintenance bookings.

The Garmin Com 2 has been installed and I have forwarded the user manual. The manual is available on the Borden Flying Club website, so all interested parties can reference (click here). The unit is very slick and has a warranty to boot. It also has useful functions like a timer (the Garmin GNS480 GPS/COM has this as well). This could be a good time to brush up on the functions of PDW equipment. I was watching a MzeroA video on youtube ( and it was taking about how most GA pilots are only using a small portion of our avionics. It’s an interesting watch.

In closing, for all flying members staying current over the winter, please ensure you give yourself some extra time to prepare PDW for the cold weather flying. Take care when walking and taxiing around the airport and keep an eye on the wingtips and snow banks!

Safe Flying

Harrison Drake

October 2018

Flight Operations

Strong wind handling Techniques

Well the cooler weather is on the way, so at next month’s meeting we’ll be covering winter operations. I’m looking forward to this month’s meeting on the 20th, and hearing about Leath Greenwood‘s experience in the military.

This month I wanted to send along an excellent article written by a dear friend of mine, Jack Proctor. Jack is currently an Air Canada Captain on the B787. Jack still teaches four days a month at Seneca College in Peterborough. Jack has had a class one instructor rating for the past 30 years. We were talking one day about strong wind handling and landing techniques that students and private pilots use. From our discussion, he wrote this article for the safety magazine for Seneca College. I hope you enjoy.

Click here for the article: Don't Stop Flying Until You've Got It Tied Down


Randy Van Ness
Flight Ops

September 2018

President's Message

Great Summer & The Future of PDW

Greetings Aviators,

As summer is winding down I hope everyone had a chance to enjoy with family and friends. I hope to see everyone at the Airport Social September 14th; it should be a good time. I want to extend my thanks to the Edenvale Airport team who is sponsoring this event.

PDW saw lots of flying this summer, and it all went very well for the most part. I had a great time at the COPA 4 Kids event and want to pass along my praise to all who contributed and attended. It was a really great event and something I am looking forward to doing again next year.

I want to thank all members for the support and assistance keeping the airplane and hangar in neat and tidy order. All club members must work together to ensure everyone is doing their part as the club will not thrive if members simply “rent” the airplane. Thank you to everyone for your continued support and contributions.

In the near future we will be sending out a survey for the flying members of the club. The Board is looking for feedback from the flying members of PDW on current and future needs and wants. This feedback is very important, and I urge all flying members to take some time and complete the survey. Click here to get to the survey.

The Board is working on a new COM 2 option in the near future. In the meantime, a reminder to all flying members that there is a "Monitor" function on the Garmin 480. If anyone is unfamiliar with this feature please don’t hesitate to reference the manual on the Pilot Resource section of the BFC website or ask for help.


"The Gathering of the Classics" Needs You!

Volunteers are needed for the 30th Aunnual Gathering of the Classics.  PDW will be on display and we need to have members take shifts "manning the booth".  The Classics is despirately in need of volunteers to help park cars and aircraft.  Please visit this link and fill in the survey if you can help.  Thanks!

July 2018

COPA for Kids

Saturday, July 21st at CNV8

The planning for our first COPA for Kids event is going well. Pre-registrations are rolling in and we have great support from our membership. While it looks like we have the number of volunteers we need, drop Karen an email if you want to help.

All volunteers: please email Karen ( to confirm your commitment to the event.  

Members who wish to fly kids in PDW should create a back-up booking on July 21st in our calendar. Harrison will be coordinating the flying schedule and needs to know who is interested.  A minimum commitment of two flights of about 20 minutes each is required.  Remember that the full cost of your flights is your responsibility.  Email Harrison if you have any questions about flying PDW in the event.

President's Message


Wishing everyone a Happy Canada Day. I trust everyone enjoyed the hot long weekend, hopefully with family and friends. Regrettably, I was not able to attend the Club BBQ due to work commitments but I thank everyone who attended and for the members that assisted putting it together.

June 2018

President's Message

Hello BFC Members,

I am happy to report it looks like summer is here and the flying weather has vastly improved. The return of summer weather will no doubt bring more traffic to Edenvale and the surrounding area. Please be more cautious flying in the busy season.

I would like to remind all flying members about the importance of checking NOTAMs.  Here are a couple of local examples.  One NOTAM describes the CNV8 Skydive operation that is back for the summer. Another recent NOTAM covered airspace and CYLS access restrictions due to the Borden Airshow.  This COPA article cites 16 incursions into the airshow airspace causing delays to the show.  Don't be complacent: carefully review NOTAMs for every flight as it is easy to get into a sticky situation if you miss something.

The 2018 Board of Directors has been established with some familiar and some new faces:

  • President – Harrison Drake
  • Vice President – Allan Ross
  • Secretary – Mark Szwarc
  • Treasurer – Paul Grenier
  • PRM – Steve Methot
  • Membership Director – Clive Oosthuizen
  • Events Director – Grant Lloyd
  • Director – Len Martin

I would like to thank all of these gentlemen for their contributions to the club, it is much appreciated.

2018 Annual General Meeting

2018 Annual General Meeting

Saturday, May 5th, 10:00 at the Edenvale Aerodrome

The Borden Flying Club Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held at the Edenvale Aerodrome in the conference room at 10:00 on Saturday May 5th, 2018.

It is important to be invovled in the business of our fine club. But if that isn't enough motivation, we will have some BFC branded hats and a shirt as door prizes.  So please do what you can to be there!

Harrison Drake

What's Up

Events and Announcements

We’re looking ahead to a great spring and summer of flying and events, as hard as it may be to believe looking out the window today. Here’s the events on our calendar for the next 3 months. Hopefully lots of members find the time to participate.

May 26: Airport Doors Open and Pancake breakfast. COPA event -hoping for lots of fly-in guests too.

June 23: Our annual BFC BBQ.  We’ll do Saturday lunch again this year as it seemed to be a popular option last year.

March 2018

President's Message

Optional Subtitle

Greetings Aviators,

I hope this message finds everyone well. As I write there is absolutely no snow to be seen on my lawn, which is bad for my snowmobile season but has me thinking more about springtime and flying. The Borden Flying Club has a major achievement to report in our 60th year of flying. Your flying club is now the proud owner of PDW! The final payment for the balance of the airplane went through and the cheque didn’t bounce! I want to thank all the current and previous board members whom contributed to this major milestone.

I would like to remind all members to ensure the hangar door is closed and locked once you are done. The hangar door was discovered open and all the lights were on. Please ensure you lock up and shut down the lights when done.

April is approaching which means it's time to pay our 2018 Annual Membership Dues:
Flying Members: $300.00
Social: $50.00

The 2018 Annual General Meeting will be held May 5. This is a little later than typical, however due to scheduling conflicts this is the soonest it can be held. A reminder has been sent out asking members to considering volunteering for the Board of Directors. Members in good standing with the club are able to vote to elect Board Members.

Safe flying,

Harrison Drake

February 2018

President's Message

Busy Winter

Hopefully the worst of the winter is behind us. Flying looks like it is picking up on the airplane. I thank all the members who have contributed to snow removal around the hangar so far this winter. Please ensure everyone is careful when walking around the ramp and hangar in the slippery conditions.

A reminder about the Switchbox/Tanis heater email: the decision has been made to keep the airplane Tanis heater plugged in at all times during the cold winter weather. Please do not turn it off via the app.

I look forward to the February 17 club meeting and talking more with COPA.

April is fast approaching, which means the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and the election of the Board of Directors. If any members are interested in volunteering for any position on the board I ask that you reach out to me. I want to thank the existing board for the many hours of work you have contributed, without you there would be no club.

Harrison Drake

Flight Operations

Inside the Envelope

A gentle reminder of the club’s currency requirements:

1. Initial checkout, all new members.

2. Minimum, every 60 days log PIC time.

3. Annual Review check (which may be combined with a 60-day recurrent check), once every membership year.

Additional privileges,

4. Night checkout (must already have Night Endorsement).

5. IFR checkout.

January 2018

President's Message

Greetings and Happy New Year.

I hope all members of BFC had an opportunity to enjoy the holidays with family and friends. On behalf of the board, whishing everything a happy healthy 2018 with blue skies and cheap 100LL.

We start off 2018 with a true Canadian winter. I would like to remind all members to be safe and keep an eye on the temperatures. Proper engine preheats are critical to keep PDW in good shape. Help from all members is appreciated with the snow removal around the hangar. The airport is only responsible for the taxi lanes and it’s up to us to keep the hangar door clear of snow. With the frigid temperatures, the January bookings has been slow, a reminder for members to keep an eye on their logbook and ensure they are in compliancy with the 60-day currency.

Not sure if there is an appetite for snowmobiling with our members, but I did a sled trip out to the airport and the trails were great. If anyone is interested in doing a BFC Club ride let me know and I will put something together. I would like to thank all board members for their contributions to the club and members for the safe operation of PDW. Wishing everyone the best for 2018.

There will be a Board of Directors meeting January 10 from 2000L-2200L. If there is any interest from members to join this meeting please let me know.

Harrison Drake

November 2017

President's Message


November will be a busy month with the annual of PDW. Any members who are interested in helping out at the hangar while in maintenance please reach out and let me know. The annual inspection will be carried out at Central Aero at Edenvale Airport. The booking calendar will be kept up to date so please check there for updates. We are working diligently to have the airplane return to operation as soon as possible.

The temperatures are falling and once the annual is completed I suspect winter will be upon us or very close. A friendly reminder to ensure the airplane is pre-heated for cold weather operations.

Best Regards,

Harrison Drake

Flight Operations

Inside the Envelope

With PDW away for a long maintenance period, and the numerous cancelled flights due to October's strong winds, many members are encroaching upon the end of their flight currency.

When the airplane is flying again, we will work quickly to have everyone's currency requirements addressed. Additionally, we will have one our skilled and experienced members join us in flight operations to help with training and checkouts - hopefully this winter.

Stay warm

October 2017

President's Message


Weather so far this fall has been great for flying.  It's nice to see that PDW has been kept busy.

All members should keep an eye on the temperatures and use engine preheat when required (any time outside tempuratures are below 5°C). The intructions on how to use the Tanis heater remote control are found here in our file repository.  For those who still aren't sure how to use the Switch Box for preheat please ask.

The engine blanket should be installed after every flight when putting the airplane away. Currently the blanket is in the back cabinet. I'd appreciate it if the next person who flies the airplane could put it on.

The Annual has been tentatively scheduled for November. Please keep an eye on the schedule as I expect the dates to change a couple of days here and there based on how the inspections go.

Note that I will be unavailable October 12-20, 2017. In my absence, use the snag form on the club website as usual, or contact Paul Grenier directly for urgent maintenance issues.

As we have done in previous years the club will run the night flying special for the airplane. Details are available below.  Try to take advantage if you have appropriate night checkout and currency.

Harrison Drake