May Newsletter

Message from the President

Thanks to all that attended this years’ Annual General Meeting, the event was well attended and we covered a lot of ground. The net result and take away, is that the club has a great plane, which is only getting better, a healthy membership level and financially is well positioned.

Action Required: Every year, the club is required to provide the insurance company with an up to date list of the members who are flying the aircraft. In addition to the pilot name and license number, the club is required to list the pilot(s) date of birth, date of last medical, medical expiry date, applicable ratings, # of total hours flown, total # of hours flown in the last 12 months. Some of this is already up to date, but I do require that all pilots take a moment to update the # of hours flown total and # of hours flown in the last 12 months; plus any new ratings that you may have achieved in the last 12 months. Everyone can do this by clicking on his or her name in the contact list and updating that information. Deadline: May 15, 2014

Kind Regards,

Chris Thompson

May's Club Meeting

Thursday May 15th - 7:00PM

Cardinal Instrument Panel

At last spring has sprung and for some of us it's time to think about heading to the airport for that long-awaited return to flying. This past winter was especially tough with the lead-up to winter not at all conducive to flying. Consequently some of us - myself included - allowed our currency to lapse.

Whether you are a Flying or Social member, current or lapsed, it makes no difference, Thursday night is a great opportunity to come out, socialize with fellow members and at the same time take part in a review of PDW's systems, procedures and best practices. 

As always, safety is our clubs primary concern when operating the club's Cardinal. Putting on these Rust Removers is a club oriented way to stay sharp, fly safe and have fun in the process.

A big thanks in advance to Sam and Randy for all the effort they put into Flight Ops, it promises to be a great meeting. Just a reminder, our meetings are open to guests. If you know of another aviation minded person who would benefit from meeting our club, please invite them to join us. Why not come early for a pre-meeting dinner at Bistro 26. See you there!


Hello everyone. As some of you know, Tom Stiff has stepped aside after many years of outstanding work, maintaining and caring for the club's airplane. A big thanks to Tom for his service and for giving me an excellent handover as I take over the maintenance of PDW and the responsibilities of the PRM.

Maintenance update:

The passenger door latch control rod suffered catastrophic structural damage (it broke!) in the last month and has been repaired. A reminder however that the door locking mechanism on the Cardinal is not very robust, so exercise caution when operating the doors, especially during the locking sequence.

The winter kit was also removed as we move into above zero temperature and YES...I was bit by my first mosquito...which can only mean one thing: the bugs are soon coming out so make sure you clean the windshield and leading edge surfaces after your flight. Happy flying!

Steve Methot

Garmin 480 GNS Simulator

Garmin 480 SimulatorGarmin has a free 480 simulator that can be downloaded on to a PC. The simulator is a great tool for familiarizing yourself with the various buttons, actions and options available to you as a pilot. Having used the simulator on a regular basis, it is one less distraction in the cockpit when flight planning and communicating. If you have not done so already, take a moment to download it. I have attached the link -

First Canadian 99s Poker Run - June 7th

First Canadian 99s Poker RunDid you know that the Ninety-Nines have an 81-year history of providing scholarships and awards to women in aviation? They do this through fundraisers like this year's Poker Run.

This fundraiser is in aid of Aviation Scholarships and volunteer programs of the First Canadian Ninety Nines Inc.

If you or someone you know would like to participate or would like more information please download the brochure here
or contact Robin Hadfield at

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