May 2019

Flight Operations

A Couple of Circuit Pointers

At this point in time PDW has been grounded for safety reasons. As everyone should know when it comes to flying, safety is number one. One way or another she’ll come back either repaired or with a new engine.

I want to provide a couple of short pointers this month. When in the circuit pattern we’ve found that about 17 inches of manifold pressure and 10° of flap will give you a speed of roughly 100 mph on the downwind leg. Speed is particularly important when other aircraft are in the circuit, especially ultra lights. 

If there is a crosswind, remember to crab appropriately to not either crowd the runway or drift too far out. If an engine failure should occur in the circuit you should always be able to return to the runway or the airport. The only exception of course is on departure or the crosswind leg below 700 feet.

Anywhere else in the circuit with an engine failure, immediately head towards the airport and establish a glide at 85 mph. Once you are confident you can make the airport select full flap, or what is appropriate for the current conditions.

When PDW returns to service a lot of members may be out of currency. Reach out to Leath Greenwood, Jim Bertrand, or myself to get current again. Our contact information is on the aircraft clubs booking website.

Randy Van Ness
Flight Ops

PDW Maintenance

Engine Update

As you will have noticed by now, PDW is currently off-line for maintenance. Approximately 150h ago, fine aluminum particles began showing up in abundance within the oil filter. Several oil changes were conducted to determine if it was a one-time incident or perpetual. The latter seemed to be the case.

The culprit was assumed to be contact between the wrist-pin caps and the cylinder walls, however borescoping all cylinders showed no cylinder wall scuffing. Unfortunately, that is not a definitive test.

Discussions with support agents from Textron (Cessna) and Lycoming both suggested that the oil pump could be the culprit. There are numerous reasons for this.  Checking the oil pump is an expensive job; the simpler solutions will be investigated first.

Due to the risk of catastrophic engine failure, and because safety is our number one priority, it was decided to dismantle the top end (pistons and cylinders) to determine the extent of the problem and to orchestrate a remedy.

PDW has been in Orillia for assessment this week. So far only the port side cylinders have been removed. The end caps do not show any evidence of unusual or excessive wear. The report on the starboard cylinders will not be available until Monday.

Depending upon the outcome of the inspection, appropriate action will be taken to return PDW to service as soon a possible.

The new 406 ELT has arrived and it is currently being installed. Unlike the old ELT, the new one has GPS reporting which reduces the search footprint to a few tens of metres.

Tom Stiff

What's Up

Events and Announcements

Things are gearing up for a busy summer.  Here are the dates that we have set so far. 

May 25th   Monthly BFC Meeting 10:00 at the Hanger Bar and Grill, Edenvale Aerodrome
June 15th  Annual BBQ at the BFC Hanger - details to follow
July 20th   2nd Annual COPA Flight 84 COPA for Kids event! (Rain date on the 21st)

At our meeting on the 25th, Bruce DeGeer is slated to talk about his experience flying the Lockheed CP-140 Aurora.

We are also starting to recruit volunteers for the COPA for Kids event. Please email Karen or me if you can help out on July 21st.  There is a variety of important jobs that will make that day go smoothly. Any assistance will be welcomed.

Grant Lloyd
Events & Social Director

Borden Flying Club
COPA Flight 84
Edenvale Aerodrome, Stayner, ON

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