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C-GPDW ChecklistThere is some small modifications to PDW's checklists, including a structural change to the After-Start and Pre--Take Off checklists. The new structure incorporates a below the line (stars) concept, where the below the line items involve a change of condition before they can be completed. Example; pre-take off checklist should be executed prior to entering the departure runway, upon taking position (new condition), the below the line items shall be completed. With the one checklist in view the pilot will be able to glance at and remember the next checks required, without having to start a new checklist. The new structure will streamline the flow of checks and reduce pilot workload or distractions. Other changes include the Cruise checklist, with the addition of "Fuel Balance......Monitor". PDW often develops an uneven fuel tanks feed condition and balancing fuel results in the remainder of the flight with even fuel feed - remember to move the fuel selector back to "Both" after balancing. The Pre-Ldg Check (Downwind) now has a "Flaps......10" item. Normal PDW operations warrant reducing airspeed when entering the downwind or approach phase, selecting Flaps 10 enables for better speed control and avoids temptations of large throttle reductions (shock cooling) while maneuvering for the final approach.

The Annual Flight Review (AFR) is in effect again, all members should complete the AFR within the membership year. The trip may involve a planned flight where a check-pilot is invited to travel along. Alternatively a specific AFR booking can be organised. The AFR destination shall be a port with a operating MF, adding some challenge to the trip - a tower controlled destination is also okay. The premise is to expose member to different flying environments, while continually operating the club airplane appropriately and safely. Additionally, some members defer the AFR to late in the membership year (Feb. - March) resulting in backed-up check-flight bookings, and coupled with the season's poor weather, members miss the deadline for the AFR. In an effort to mitigate this situation, any current member requiring a check-flight (recurrent, night check, etc.), will also be required to simultaneously complete the AFR.

Fly Safe!!
Sam Sciscione
Director, Flight Operations

May's Meeting Wrap-up

For those who couldn't make it

Last month's meeting was well attended. The topic for the evening was our Spring Rust Remover. Sam compiled and presented a very informative, topical, 2 hour talk on flight safety and operations; two areas of interest to all of our pilot members. 

During the course of the evening we looked more closely at our procedures, in particular our Cardinal's Check List; this has been updated and is available to all members on the website at this location, note that there have been a few updates. Weather is another area that affects us all, seasoned airline pilot or low-time GA flyer, being aware of the aircraft and pilot limitations was also touched on several times during the evening.

All-in-all it was a great meeting and another reason pilots love flying with our club. If you have any questions about the details of the meeting or flight operation with the Borden Flying Club, contact Sam Sciscione or Randy Vanness.


June Club Meeting - Hanger BBQ!!

Thursday June 19th

Yea! It's almost SUMMER!! And there's no better way to kick it off than a BBQ with friends. Set a reminder to come on out to the hangar for this month's Thursday night meeting. That's June 19th @ 6:00 PM.

June Club Meeting - Hanger BBQ!!Last year's BBQ was held a little later than usual while yours truly got up-to-speed on the social venue; well this year we're back on track. The club grill will fire up around 6:00 PM with the usual summer fare, there'll be soft drinks and salads too, and if you want to blow us all away with your own homemade goodies there's always room for more.

With flying season in full-swing and more pilots getting checked out each week there should be plenty of fodder for some good hangar flying.

To help us get a handle on attendance and to make sure we don't under-stock, please take a minute and tell us if you'll be able to attend. Click here to RSVP.

P.S. Please remember, this is an open invitation, friends and fellow pilots on the field don't need an invitation, although it would be nice to know ahead of time. Make sure to tell them where we are, or send them to this website. See you there!!


First Canadian 99s Poker Run June 7th

Did you know that the Ninety-Nines have an 81-year history of providing scholarships and awards to women in aviation? They do this through fundraisers like this year's Poker Run.

This fundraiser is in aid of Aviation Scholarships and volunteer programs of the First Canadian Ninety Nines Inc.

If you or someone you know would like to participate or would like more information please download the brochure here.

The Poker Run is this Saturday, if you're not flying and would like to help out in some way contact Robin Hadfield at robin@firstcanadian99s.com or call Robin directly at 705.309.3007 or 705.424.6788 . Thanks!


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