June 2019

Annual Club BBQ - This Saturday!

The Annual BFC BBQ is on June 15 at our hangar at 1230. The club will provide burgers, sausages and soft drinks. Any sides or deserts members contribute would be appreciated. This event will take place rain or shine.  We have large canopies available to provide cover protection in the event of inclement weather.

If you can volunteer at the COPA for Kids on July 20, and haven’t already let Karen or I know, please take a minute and do so.

Grant Lloyd
Events Director


Snag Reporting

Please follow these guidelines when reporting snags...

The management of Snags is critical to the safe operation of PDW. If you encounter anything that needs attention please follow this process:

  1. Make an entry on the Snag Form that is found loose between the active pages of the Journey Log.  Do not record the snag on the Journey Log itself.  This form will be the place where the next pilot will see your notes.
  2. Fill in the Snag form on our website.  Click here to see the form.
    This is a critical step as it is how the club executive learn about the snag and plan action to deal with it.
  3. If you consider the snag is serious or urgent, also call the PRM.  If the PRM isn't answering try the club President. Click here for our contact directory.

A review of the Journey Log is standard practice prior to every flight.  The loose snag sheet will make snags stand out without putting PDW at risk of being unnecessarily grounded. 

Tom Stiff