June 2018

President's Message

Hello BFC Members,

I am happy to report it looks like summer is here and the flying weather has vastly improved. The return of summer weather will no doubt bring more traffic to Edenvale and the surrounding area. Please be more cautious flying in the busy season.

I would like to remind all flying members about the importance of checking NOTAMs.  Here are a couple of local examples.  One NOTAM describes the CNV8 Skydive operation that is back for the summer. Another recent NOTAM covered airspace and CYLS access restrictions due to the Borden Airshow.  This COPA article cites 16 incursions into the airshow airspace causing delays to the show.  Don't be complacent: carefully review NOTAMs for every flight as it is easy to get into a sticky situation if you miss something.

The 2018 Board of Directors has been established with some familiar and some new faces:

  • President – Harrison Drake
  • Vice President – Allan Ross
  • Secretary – Mark Szwarc
  • Treasurer – Paul Grenier
  • PRM – Steve Methot
  • Membership Director – Clive Oosthuizen
  • Events Director – Grant Lloyd
  • Director – Len Martin

I would like to thank all of these gentlemen for their contributions to the club, it is much appreciated.

Flight Ops is being headed up by Randy Van Ness. Leath Greenwood and Jim Bertrand will also be contributing to the checkout process moving forward. A new email has been sent up checkpilots@bordenflyingclub.com, please use this for any check out inquiry moving forward. Thanks to all check pilots for your contributions.

We have a number of exciting events coming up this summer so please stay tuned to your emails. I hope everyone has some time to enjoy the nice weather with family and friends.

Safe Flying.

Harrison Drake

Flight Operations

Well the flying season is finally in full swing; it's nice to see after such a long winter.

First I’d like to start by sending a big thank you to Sam Sciscione our flight operations director for the past five years. Sam did a wonderful job of keeping us safe in the air, and by amazing rust remover and safety seminars. Sam thank you so much!

On an operational note, please continue to check the Notams for Edenvale and surrounding area when you fly. There are currently two active Notams for Edenvale at the moment. One for runway work and another for the parachute drop activity.

Also a reminder to be very careful of the ELT remote activation switch. As you all know it’s located in vacinity of the intercom system. Recently it was accidentally activated and we had a call from search and rescue. Thankfully Paul Grenier was able to get a hold of the gentleman on his cell phone and he turned it off.

For safety also remember the safest way to re-join the circuit is come over head the field and join the mid downwind from the inactive side. Also anytime you fly further than 25 nautical miles from the airport, you must file a flight itinerary or a flight plan.

Safe Flying and Enjoy the nice weather.

Randy Van Ness
Flight Ops

PDW Maintenance

Hello everyone. I am the new PRM for our club, and happy to contribute to the BFC Board. This is going to be my second time doing the job as I was previously PRM, before Harrison took over a few years ago. In saying that, let me thank Harrison for a great job coordinating the maintenance on PDW for us during that time. I will do my best to do the same. As I get reacquainted with maintaining PDW, here is what we are planning for maintenance:

We have started collecting oil samples at every oil change to analyze/monitor the condition of our engine. This will help us determine when we will overhaul our engine as it is getting close to the TBO time. With the proper information we may be able to extend the TBO.

PDW just got its first 100 hrs inspection since the annual last year with no major issues. We will decide what to do about the u/s #2 radio during our next board meeting.  The costs and benefits of all options will be considered.

The fuel seep on the right fuel drain is ongoing. This issue will also require some discussion amongst board members to ascertain the way forward. I know that some investigation has already been done. Any repairs could put PDW offline for some time so careful coordination will be in order.

In closing thanks to everyone for doing their share in keeping the airplane and the hangar clean. See you at the airport!

Steve Methot

What's Up

Events and Announcements

Hi everyone. Hopefully we finally have weather that will be favourable to our upcoming event schedule.

We’re doing a breakfast fly-out the first Saturday of each month. We hope to be up to 8 to10 planes by July 7th, so think about booking PDW and coming along. They are really casual and enjoyable.

The Doors Open/Pancake Breakfast is rescheduled for June 23 0900-1100. We’ll be serving pancakes and coffee for a $5 donation to help out COPA 4 Kids. If the original volunteers aren’t available I might need a couple volunteers for this event.

Our annual Borden BBQ is on Saturday June 23 at 1230. The club will provide burgers, sausages, hot dogs, water, and soft drinks. As in the past, if some members could bring along snacks, salads and deserts it would be greatly appreciated. If you could take minute and let me know if you’ll be able to attend,it would make planning easier.

The biggest event for us this year will be our first COPA for Kids. This will happen July 21 and Karen Howell is already knee deep in the planning stages. Check out the page on our BFC website, spread the word to the public and consider contacting Karen to offer your help for this worthwhile event.

Aug 11 is The Gathering of the Classics and, as always, we will have a presence there so we can spread the word about our great club!


Grant Lloyd
Events & Social Director

Other News

Meeting Minutes Posted

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting and the Board Meetings are posted in the AircraftClubs.com document Library. Log on to the booking website, then from the "My Club" menu item, pick "Files" or just click on this link. Minutes will be posted after being approved by the Board.

The BFC Road Crew Rides Again!

A few years ago, BFC members went out for a group ride. It was a fun day and we'll be trying to get together again this year. There will be no restrictions on participation, so you are welcome to join on 3 or 4 wheels too.  Rather than sending out surveys, I thought we might try some "impromptu" trips this year.  Please let me know if you would like to be added to a special email distribution list to stay informed.  Email to roadcrew@bordenflyingclub.com to join.

Mark Szwarc
Secretary & Webmaster

Borden Flying Club
COPA Flight 84
Edenvale Aerodrome, Stayner, ON


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