July 2018

COPA for Kids

Saturday, July 21st at CNV8

The planning for our first COPA for Kids event is going well. Pre-registrations are rolling in and we have great support from our membership. While it looks like we have the number of volunteers we need, drop Karen an email if you want to help.

All volunteers: please email Karen (beanster11@live.ca) to confirm your commitment to the event.  

Members who wish to fly kids in PDW should create a back-up booking on July 21st in our calendar. Harrison will be coordinating the flying schedule and needs to know who is interested.  A minimum commitment of two flights of about 20 minutes each is required.  Remember that the full cost of your flights is your responsibility.  Email Harrison if you have any questions about flying PDW in the event.

President's Message


Wishing everyone a Happy Canada Day. I trust everyone enjoyed the hot long weekend, hopefully with family and friends. Regrettably, I was not able to attend the Club BBQ due to work commitments but I thank everyone who attended and for the members that assisted putting it together.

As proud owners of PDW, repairs and upgrades come with the territory. Recently we had COM 2 inspected by the avionics shop and confirmed our fear the unit is failed. Repairing the Apollo GX60 unit is cost-prohibitive so we have begun the process of obtaining quotations for new and used units. The board is looking at all options. In the coming weeks we will be sending a survey to members asking for your input on "wants" for the airplane. Please stay tuned!

COPA for Kids Event:
The first time I flew was actually out of Base Borden at a gliding event put on for first time flyers for free to get newcomers interested. COPA for Kids is a great initiative to get a new generation interested in aviation. We are looking for flying members who are interested in volunteering and donating flight time to fly kids in PDW. Pilots who are interested must make a standby reservation on July 21 on AircraftClubs.com. If interested please have your booking in by July 19 as I need some time to reach out to the pilots to plan PDW logistics for the day.

Finally in closing, I am also hoping to organize a PDW bath prior to COPA for Kids. Help from members is greatly appreciated for the spit and shine. I will send an email blast out once I have a date nailed down.

Safe flying!

Harrison Drake

Flight Operations

Hot Weather - Cool Grass

Well finally the hot weather is here! Lots of high-pressure and beautiful flying days, which brings us to different things we must consider when we fly in hot climate conditions. When operating in the summertime it’s always best to check the performance in the pilot operating handbook to ensure enough runway length and climb out performance are available for the particular airport you’re operating from. With higher density altitude in the summer time, you might be surprised by how poor the performance can be, especially when heavily loaded.

For those of you that are considering grass runway operations, I’m going to include some information that you should consider prior to doing that. Remember, if PDW gets dirty, you’re responsible to clean it. ;-)

Prior to going to any airport, especially one with a grass runway, it’s important to learn as much as you can about the airport prior to arrival. In fact, I think there is a CAR that requires us to know that information. That rule goes double if you are landing on an unpaved runway. The best policy is to visit the airport first (by car if possible) and walk the field and parking areas. Naturally, checking the CFS is a good first step, but better information will come from a phone call to the airport prior to departure. Every airport is different and you need to learn things like the length of the grass, the condition of the surface, any low spots that might be wet, where it is safe to taxi, any special noise abatement procedures and anything else that might be appropriate.

Then there is the performance aspect to consider. What obstructions are involved? Is the runway long enough to land and stop safely? Usually landing and stopping are not the problem, it is taking off. Our pilot operating handbook gives a 7% performance decrement for grass as opposed to hard surface runways. But remember, that is only a guess. Again the length of the grass and the softness of the surface will have a big effect on takeoff distance. Be very conservative in your planning here.

Now let's talk about the actual approach and landing. Depending upon the airport, some pilots like to make a low pass down the runway prior to landing. This gives them a chance to look over the runway surface and to scare off any critters on the runway. Critters on the runway? Oh yes, that can be a real problem at airports that are out in the country. Some pilots feel a soft field landing is required on all grass runways, but there are many very smooth grass runways where a normal landing is fine. There are lots of great airports with grass runways that are as good or in some cases better than the hard surface runways we use. Our airplanes like to land on the grass and it is easier on our tires. So do your homework, then go out and have a great time.

On a different note, I'm looking forward to July 21 and COPA for Kids. In the morning, we will be briefing pilots about the procedures to follow for the event.

Safe Flying!

Randy Van Ness
Flight Ops

PDW Maintenance

A Great Summer for Flying!

What a great flying summer we are having so far! Thankfully, PDW’s serviceability rate has been exceptional. We have received the results of the first oil sample and it shows all metals particulate to be within normal. We will be continuing to sample the engine oil for trend purposes.

We have also started downloading data from the JPI EDM and will do so periodically to help in identifying problems (thanks to Mark Szwarc for downloading the first batch of data!).

As mentioned in the last newsletter, the fuel seep issue was discussed during our last board meeting and unless the problem worsens to an unacceptable level, we will tackle this repair near or at the annual inspection to minimize downtime.

Harrison and I took PDW to Eagle Aircraft for an evaluation of the problem with the #2 radio. After examining and testing (quick troubleshooting) the radio, they advised us on the risks and implication of embarking on a repair of this system. Without expanding too much on that, the board has decided to keep the status quo while we come up with a plan to address this issue.

Thanks everyone and safe flying.

Steve Methot

What's Up

Events and Announcements

Monthly Fly-outs: Consider booking PDW and joining one of monthly fly-outs. The next ones are Saturday July 7th then Sunday August 5th. Departure time is 0900 for a short flight for a casual breakfast with pleasant group.

Gathering of the Classics: This years date is Saturday August 11. As usual the club will have a display set up. We’re counting on members to stop by and spend a while promoting our great club to prospective members attending the event.

CASARA: For anyone who didn’t get my earlier notice that we now have a CASARA Chapter at CNV8 please consider helping out with this worthwhile effort. Contact sionjones@rogers.com Cheers all. See you at COPA 4Kids.

Grant Lloyd
Events & Social Director

Pilot Information Must Be Filled In!

The info on AricraftClubs.com is important...

All flying members are required to fill in the general information and contact information on aircraftclubs.com.  We need at least one contact phone number, preferably mobile, and your emegency contact info.  The mobile number is handy when members are coordinating activity and providing update.  For instance, I might want to text you if I am back early and you are flying right after me, or more importantly if I am delayed.  Contact numbers are critical if we have an urgent situation.

Any flying member whose data is not filled in by July 21st will be blocked from bookings until we have the required information.  I don't expect that we'll need to use this heavy-handed approach, but the deadline is there so this doesn't slip.  

A big "thanks" to the members who have complete info on file.  Perhaps this is a good time to review it to make sure it is up-to-date.

Borden Flying Club
COPA Flight 84
Edenvale Aerodrome, Stayner, ON


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