July 2017

President's Message

A great start to summer...

Summer is finally here! I think… We have certainly experienced a wet Spring and early start to Summer, but it has not discouraged everyone from getting out and taking flight. We had a fantastic kick-off to Summer with our first hangars open event at the airport in which all tenants were encouraged to open up their hangars, so we could learn more about other pilots and their equipment. It was a great opening event followed by the club BBQ. Truly a good time had by all!

Click on this link to see all of the pictures from the event.

Hope that everyone has an awesome Summer!

Fly safe!

Chris Thompson

Flight Operations

Inside the Envelope

Great summer flying weather is upon us, glad to see numerous members getting airborne, and often.

An update on the club's flight currency requirements, with some new additions.

The Initial, 60-day PIC, and Annual Review remain the same. Based on preceding checkouts adding a currency requirement to night and instrument club privileges appears prudent. Nothing too complex, but both the Night and Instrument currency will carry a minimum 2-hours PIC on the Cardinal (GPDW or other C177B) within the preceding 12 months. Outside this, simply book a simple review checkout.

The club encourages the new currency requirements to be effective immediately, with the official launch date of October 1, 2017.

Any comments, feedback, feel free to contact us anytime.

Safe Journeys,

Sam Sciscione
Director, Flight Ops

PDW Maintenance

PDW has been performing well with minimal issues. The right-hand fuel drain has been replaced with a new part from a different manufacturer. The slow leak appears to have stopped. Please if any pilot observes any issues let me know.

Two cases of oil have been ordered to have in BFC hangar stock. Please ensure to record on your invoice when adding oil as Allan tracks oil use as a club expense. I’ll have these delivered to the hangar in the coming days. The right hand passenger door required an additional repair to the door latch. Another reminder to please assist unfamiliar passengers with opening and closing as this door handle is fragile.

The aircraft needs a deep clean. I have scheduled on Thursday July 13 from 0900-1200 the airplane to be down for a cleaning. Any members who can come out and assist would be greatly appreciated.  Please click here to let us know if you can help.

Safe flying.

Harrison Drake

What's Up

Events and Announcements

Thanks to everyone who came out for the BBQ. So much great food was donated. Couldn't believe how lucky we got for weather and Saturday lunch seemed to be popular.

Next event up will be the Gathering of the Classics on Saturday August 12th. We'll set up a static display and hopefully enough volunteers step forward that we can also help Bryan out putting on this great event. Please click on this link and fill in the form or send me a quick email if you have time to volunteer for all or part of the day.

There's also a bulletin board in the works that will be placed inside the gate somewhere that may have notices and info on activities etc. outside our club.


Grant Lloyd
Events & Social Director

Items of Interest

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    New "pingBuddy 2" ADS-B Receiver       and      a Fly-in breakfast at Bancrfoft...









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