July 2016 Newsletter

From the President

We have had a couple of busy months since I last wrote something for the club. Flying has been great and the plane has been flown a lot which is great to see. In June we participated in the CFB Borden Armed Forces Weekend and Airshow with a static display featuring PDW and the club banner. It was an opportunity to share some of the history of the club as it related to our time at Base Borden, and to proudly promote the club. Many thanks to Marty Theirault, Owen Sneath, and Don Bradley for their assistance on making this a truly wonderful event. And a special thanks to Don, for being able to safely return PDW to Edenvale that Sunday afternoon in winds would test any pilot’s skill and patience in a light aircraft.

A few days later we had our annual “Kick-off to Summer Club BBQ”. The weather was perfect, and the company was great! 

We had new members and their Families, long standing members and friends, and we even had a drop in from some of our past members. One of the highlights was Owen and his wife Judy arriving in style in his Challenger.

The club does not have any planned events for July and August, but are looking to getting back into our regular meetings again the 3rd week of September.




Have an idea for a club event or guest speaker? Please share your ideas.

Enjoy the Summer!

Chris Thompson

Flight Operations

In the Envelope - A recent incident with PDW

C-GPDW throttle linkeage incident (21/06/16)

  • the throttle felt somewhat vague during start-up
  • during run-up the “vagueness” was diminished; I thought it was my imagination
  • I heard a rattling sound so I took off my headset to listen and could no longer hear it.  I chalked this up to over sensitivity due to not flying for most of the winter
  • upon return to CNV8 I crossed over the field at circuit altitude and joined the mid-downwind for runway 31; all of the downwind checks went well and I landed on 31 short of delta
  • I backtracked 31 and departed to the circuit for 1 circuit; the downwind checks went well, including the reduction of power to 19” HOWEVER: on my turn from downwind to base I realized I couldn’t reduce power with the throttle and it stayed at 19” of Hg; I cycled the throttle several times and it felt “chunky” with an unusually short travel and no response on engine power
  • I started an orbiting 360 at the turn from base to final to give me time to consider my next course of action; I made 2 radio calls saying “ I was having problems with my throttle and would likely be attempting a dead stick landing
  • during the 2-360’s I considered the options of: Ignition turn off;main fuel shut off and mixture cut-off. I dismissed the idea of turning off the ignition (my first thought) because I thought the engine would flood while wind milling making a restart impossible; I also dismissed the main fuel shut off because it would take too long to drain and a restart would also be a problem
  • I pointed the aircraft at runway 31 at an altitude of 800 and then shut the engine off with the mixture control ; being too high I did a forward slip to put the airplane on profile for landing; once on a good approach angle I realized the drag from the wind milling propeller was far more than what I had anticipated and I would either have to reduce flap (now at 30) or attempt a restart…I pushed the mixture control in and the engine started immediately which I used to gain about 50’ after which I again did a mixture cut off… after approximately 5 seconds I did another restart to again another 50’ so that I would comfortably make 31; the propeller drag steepened my approach far more than I would have thought possible. At this point I was over the fence with the propeller slowing to a stop
  • I touched down past the numbers and rolled off the active onto taxiway delta where I secured the airplane


Operations Response

An excellent job by our member to land safely. An unexpected event, without an established emergency procedure to follow, would challenge the skill of the best of pilots.

Most important factor: a reasonable thought process was used to manage the choices available and probable outcomes. Many often ask which attributes makes for a safe pilot or flight. Although there is no one definitive answer, consistent across good flight safety, is the pilot with options before executing a plan.

Sam Sciscione
Director of Flight Operations

From Randy:

To his credit, he used the mixture control to put the power on and off and made a successful landing on runway 31. He contacted Edenvale airdrome staff, and Larry towed him it back to the hanger.

I'm really proud of Him, he did an awesome job under the circumstances.

Maintenance Update

Smooth 100 Hour Inspection

Greetings. On June 30, the 100-hour inspection was carried out on PDW. During the inspection the decision was made to install the wheel pants, so the aircraft is looking very sharp. I am happy to report the inspection had nothing unexpected and the aircraft is in good operational order. A big thanks to BFC Member Jim Bertrand who came out to assist with the inspection and helped wash the airplane. Any member who is interested in coming out for maintenance or assisting in washing the aircraft, please do not hesitate to reach out.

The 100-hour inspection included, but was not limited to the following:

  • Oil change
  • Cylinder compression check
  • Spark plug check/cleaning
  • Suction pump ware check
  • Battery service
  • RH tire replacement

We are monitoring a possible issue with the AI. Some members have reported the AI lagging and have noted a low suction light while at engine idle or 1000 RPM. At the maintenance check the suction pumped was inspected and showed to be within the ware limits. We are planning to remove the AI and send for overhaul in the near future. While the BFC AI is away for overhaul the plan is to have an exchange AI installed. It is important to note that the airplane is airworthy without an AI for VFR flight in any case.

If members have any issues with the airplane or have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. Members are also encouraged to report snags via email or telephone to ensure a faster response.

Harrison Drake

Gathering of Classics

The 28th annual Gathering of the Classics is less than a month away on Saturday August 6th. The rain date is Sunday August 7th.

For new members, there is information about past and present events, including pictures and videos click here.

ECAF is expecting record setting crowds so we can use all the help we can get at the event plus for setup beforehand. Setup is during the day on Friday the 5th. The volunteer briefing is Friday evening between 5 and 6 pm. Once again a BBQ dinner will be served for volunteers by Chateau Craig.

If you wish to help out, please contact Larry Quinton at lquinton@verizon.net.  Let Larry know if you have volunteered before and what your duties were. 

Bryan Quickmire