July 2015 Newsletter

Message from the President

I am pleased to announce that by the time everyone sits down to read this months newsletter, GPDW should be back at Edenvale and ready to enjoy. I thank all of our pilots for their patience and understanding during the down time. And to the spouses of all our pilots; Your Welcome ! Guys, I hope that you used the down time to get the chores around the house completed. Only kidding ! Only Kidding !

Mark your calendars for Saturday August the 8th for the Gathering of the Classics ! In the past many of our members have generously volunteered their time to help make the Classics a success. We will once again have the club and our cardinal on display at the event. If you have a few hours to volunteer to man the booth it would be greatly appreciated. Please contact myself (cpt084@gmail.com) or Mark Szwarc (szwarc@sympatico.ca) if you are available.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Summer, I look forward to seeing you around the airport !


Chris Thompson


Hello everyone. Yes we still have an airplane! 

I know its been a while since PDW's last flight but the stabilator repair is moving along. The bracket that  was  acquired has been  NDT'ed  and primed and is ready to be installed. A jig was constructed to stabilized the entire back end of the airplane and the old bracket was removed. The holes on the new bracket matched up with the old bracket so we are in business. 

We have been in contact with Leggat on a daily basis and we will continue to monitor the repair so that we can get our airplane as quick as we can. The good thing is that we are talking days now and not weeks. Thank you for your patience and understanding and keep an eye on the calendar.

Steve Methot

Flight Operations

Inside the Envelope

PDW returns to service this weekend, with everyone I am sure eager to fly.

Remember our insurance recency requires you have logged PIC time in our category aircraft within the last 60 days.

Contact us if you need a recurrent check anytime.

Safe summer

Sam Sciscione
Director of Flight Operations

Social Update

The June BBQ was a huge success with a great turnout.  One of the topics of conversation going around the group was motorcycles.  With PDW offline,  we need our single track vehicle fix.  It was interesting to  note how many members also ride.   The discussion resulted in the club's first group ride on July the 5th.  The somewhat impromtu event took the group from Barrie to the Muskokas.  If you would like to be informed about future motorcycle events, and you are not already in the loop, please use this link to send us an e-mail .  

I will also echo Chris' call for people who would like to participate in the Edenvale Gathering of the Classics.  Let me know if you are interested so that we can coordinate coverage for our club booth.  

Reminder: there are no club meetings set for July or August.  Our regular meeting schedule will restart in September.  

Thinking Back

It can be valuable to think back on previous flights that didn't go quite as planned.

For example, I was returning from Oshkosh in a C172M with two passengers, luggage,  and as much fuel as we could manage.  It was 38°C and 90% humidity on the ground.  I was at 3,000 feet ASL in controlled airspace.  I was instructed to climb to 5,000.  I acknowledged, powered up, leaned, and proceeded to climb.  The aircraft struggled past 3,500’ and I reported that I was unable to climb higher.  At that point, the density altitude was well over 6,000’.   

The POH said that I should have been able to climb at about 450 fpm.   That performance is for a shiny, new 172 and not a tattered, bug-splattered rental with a tired engine.   While I am confident that I was not over maximum gross weight, it is likely that my airspeed was above what the POH recommended.  Perhaps increased drag from the wide-open air vents also contributed.  The POH does not take humidity into account.  While humidity has a relatively small impact on density altitude, it also decreases engine performance.   At any rate, I was surprised that I could not make a higher altitude.

Mark Szwarc
Events Director



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