January 2018

President's Message

Greetings and Happy New Year.

I hope all members of BFC had an opportunity to enjoy the holidays with family and friends. On behalf of the board, whishing everything a happy healthy 2018 with blue skies and cheap 100LL.

We start off 2018 with a true Canadian winter. I would like to remind all members to be safe and keep an eye on the temperatures. Proper engine preheats are critical to keep PDW in good shape. Help from all members is appreciated with the snow removal around the hangar. The airport is only responsible for the taxi lanes and it’s up to us to keep the hangar door clear of snow. With the frigid temperatures, the January bookings has been slow, a reminder for members to keep an eye on their logbook and ensure they are in compliancy with the 60-day currency.

Not sure if there is an appetite for snowmobiling with our members, but I did a sled trip out to the airport and the trails were great. If anyone is interested in doing a BFC Club ride let me know and I will put something together. I would like to thank all board members for their contributions to the club and members for the safe operation of PDW. Wishing everyone the best for 2018.

There will be a Board of Directors meeting January 10 from 2000L-2200L. If there is any interest from members to join this meeting please let me know.

Harrison Drake

Flight Operations

Inside the Envelope

Trust everyone had a great Christmas and Happy New Year!

We welcome two additional check-pilots to our flight operations, AC Captains Jim Bertrand and Leath Greenwood.  Both are skilled and experienced pilots who look forward to working with our members. Initially make arrangements with our new checkers through flight operations, and also keep all training activity carbon copied (CC’d) to myself in order to track currency.

Our PDW has displayed signs of engine overhaul time, although maintenance advised engine health will be closely monitored - especially oil use and consumption.  Pilots may help with minimizing oil use by only adding 1 quart when the level drops below the POH minimum of 6 quarts.  If planning a longer flight of 3+ hours, then consider a level of 7 quarts. When more oil is needed away from base, spare oil is always kept in the baggage compartment.

Feel free to provide feedback anytime - flight.operations@bordenflyingclub.com,
Stay warm and safe,

Sam Sciscione
Director, Flight Ops

What's Up

CASARA Meeting

The meeting to explore the possibility of establishing a CASARA zone operating from Edenvale will be held at CNV8 at 1900 on Monday January 8. If you’re interested in attending please send me a quick response so they will have an idea how many people to expect. 

BFC Club Meeting

Our monthly meeting will be held January 18th at 1900. We'll watch 2 AOPA Air Safety Accident case study videos then have a casual social hour we can spend discussing concerns and ideas for making 2018 a successful year for our club. As always hope to see you out for a pre-meeting dinner at the Hangar Bar and Grill.


Grant Lloyd
Events & Social Director

Borden Flying Club
COPA Flight 84
Edenvale Aerodrome, Stayner, ON


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