Important Reminders

Annual General Meeting

Saturday, April 23rd, at 10:00 AM
Location: Meeting Room, Bistro 26, Edenvale Airport

Please try to attend our annual business meeting. Whether you can attend or not, please consider volunteering as a Director. It is an excellent opportunity to "give back" a little bit to the club. If you are interested, follow this link and fill in the form to let us know.  You don't have to attend the meeting in order to be elected.

Bug Splatter!

PDW to be cleaned after every flight.

Spring is here and the bugs are already active. Remember to clean the bugs off of the leading edges of all surfaces, the front of the cowl, and the windscreen after your flight. Use only a shop wipe that is fresh from the box and the supplied green solution on the windscreen.  It is far easier to clean the bugs off when they are fresh, and it is rude to leave them for the next pilot to clean.

If every member leaves the aircraft and hanger a little bit cleaner or tidier than they found it, it will make it better for all.  

Maintenance Reminders

Use your finger when dipping the tanks.

Some pilots are using the fuel stick to push open the anti-splash flap in the fuel filler neck.  This is ripping the plastic scale off the fuel stick.  Not only is this ruining the stick, it could cause plastic bits to enter the tank and possibly clog the fuel filter.  Always push open the anti-splash flap with your finger when dipping the tanks.  Do not let the fuel stick rub on anything.

All maintenance items, regardless of how small, should be immediately reported to the PRM. There is a reporting sheet in the Journey Log: use it to record anything that the PRM should look into. Also, use this sheet to record when you add oil to PDW.  

Finally, use the form on our web site to ensure that maintenance items are properly communicated.  Click here for link to the reporting form.