Important Notices

PDW ELT control panel issue

The ELT control panel switch has become inoperative. The ELT cannot be activated from the cockpit, we anticipate it to be repaired within the next week by our avionics shop.

Normal flight activity may continue, perhaps avoid any trips to the USA.

After each landing (well ok, not circuits unless it's hard), and periodically during long flights, check for an ELT signal on 121.5.  Should an unintentional signal be audible, immediately contact one of the board members or check pilots, and we will contact Trenton SAR.

If you cannot contact someone quickly, please notify SAR directly (by phone or radio).  They would love to hear from you if all is okay.

Trenton SAR

24-hour emergency numbers:
Toll-free (within Canada): 1-800-267-7270
Trenton: (613) 965-3870

VHF: 121.5

Sam Sciscione
Director, Flight Ops

Hanger Man-door Left Unlocked

We have had a number of reports that the man-door to our hanger has been left unlocked.

Please be sure to double-check that the gustlocks are engagned, the lights are out, and that the man-door is locked before you leave the hanger.