February 2020

President's Message

Good News!

Finally the first bit of good news nearing the end of the month. PDW should be ready by the end of next week and the break-in process can start. Fortunately, the weather has been very poor for flying the last month and a half. We all shouldn’t feel badly about the airplane being out of service since the weather would have kept us grounded anyway. PDW has had extensive repairs done which will be outlined in the PRM report.

At the last Board meeting, it was decided the annual dues will be raised by $50 making the flying membership $350. The hourly rate will be raised by $10 to $155 for normal flying, $143 for block time. There is no change to our club Social membership fee.

There has not been an increase in over 10 years, while our costs have gone up considerably over that same period. Also, the fuel surcharge will still be in effect for any price over two dollars per litre.

I look forward to seeing everybody at our February 15th meeting at Edenvale.

Randy Van Ness

Flight Operations

Resumption of Flying Plan

As you are now aware, our aircraft will be back in our hanger in short order. At the BFC Directors meeting held in early January a protocol for returning the aircraft, and our members, to the sky was established and approved.

As with the Top End Overhaul of last year, the aircraft requires operating procedures specified by Lycoming during the initial “break in” period. During this 40 hour period the aircraft will be restricted from regular bookings.  A small group of pilots selected by the Board will ensure strict compliance with the break in procedures. We will aggressively complete the break in as weather permits.

All members will require an abbreviated check out prior to resuming normal operations as a result of the downtime experienced during the overhaul. We will plan a series of full days where the Check Pilots will make themselves available for these checkouts. As we get closer, the dates will be published to allow members to book accordingly.  Please make every effort to fit your check ride into this special schedule. 

In an effort to streamline the checkout process and prepare ourselves for flying again, a short series of pertinent operational questions has been compiled. The objective of this "quiz" is to ensure everyone reviews the critical information required to fly our club aircraft. Members will be required to bring the completed form with them for submission prior to their checkout. I would like to emphasize that it is limited to the ‘need to know’ information from our checklist and POH.

While there has been a long period of downtime, I can assure you that our aircraft will be like new upon its return! Critical updates have been completed, including a new engine, stabilizer bushings, empennage spar repair, and beautifully clear new lens covers on the lights!

I hope you are excited to get airborne again, and are looking forward to having our plane back in her home!

Thank you.

Jim Bertrand
Flight Ops Guy

PDW Maintenance

Almost New!

Well good news: the annual inspection and extensive repairs are almost complete.

As you’re probably aware the engine had to be rebuilt and now is considered a zero time engine. We were very fortunate that when the crank case was inspected, magna fluxed, and tested, it was proven to be in good condition. This saved us a lot of money by not having to replace it. It turns out the metal filings were from the bearing seats as they had shifted.

The flap limiter switch has been replaced. When moving the flap leaver please allow the flaps to extend and stop before reversing the direction. This should prevent recurrence of that problem. 

Both bushings on the horizontal stabilator have been replaced and new fibreglass end caps are on order.

New lens cap covers on the wingtips have been installed. The crack in the aft bulkhead has been repaired. One new main tire was also replaced. We are also getting a quote on having the seats repaired with a cloth insert in the middle portion.

PDW, when returned to service, will virtually be a new airplane. So please treat it as if it was your own when it’s back on the line. A clubwide email will be sent when the aircraft is back in service.

Randy Van Ness for Tom Stiff

What's Up

Events and Announcements

Our February meeting will be held Saturday, Feb. 15th, in the banquet room at the Hangar Grill.ECAF Due to the cancellation of January’s meeting we’ll try again to take advantage of Bryan Quickmire’s generosity in hosting a tour and info session in the ECAF hangar.

The restaurant is now open 7-7 so members who can make it out early for breakfast can meet by 9 for a bit of a social get together ahead of the meeting.

See everyone there.

Grant Lloyd
Events & Social Director

Borden Flying Club
COPA Flight 84
Edenvale Aerodrome, Stayner, ON


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