February 2018

President's Message

Busy Winter

Hopefully the worst of the winter is behind us. Flying looks like it is picking up on the airplane. I thank all the members who have contributed to snow removal around the hangar so far this winter. Please ensure everyone is careful when walking around the ramp and hangar in the slippery conditions.

A reminder about the Switchbox/Tanis heater email: the decision has been made to keep the airplane Tanis heater plugged in at all times during the cold winter weather. Please do not turn it off via the app.

I look forward to the February 17 club meeting and talking more with COPA.

April is fast approaching, which means the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and the election of the Board of Directors. If any members are interested in volunteering for any position on the board I ask that you reach out to me. I want to thank the existing board for the many hours of work you have contributed, without you there would be no club.

Harrison Drake

Flight Operations

Inside the Envelope

A gentle reminder of the club’s currency requirements:

1. Initial checkout, all new members.

2. Minimum, every 60 days log PIC time.

3. Annual Review check (which may be combined with a 60-day recurrent check), once every membership year.

Additional privileges,

4. Night checkout (must already have Night Endorsement).

5. IFR checkout.

The above requirements, with the exception of number 2, should be completed with a club check-pilot.

Stay Warm and Safe,

Sam Sciscione
Director, Flight Ops

PDW Maintenance

PDW has been performing well thanks to all the members for treating the airplane like your own. Upcoming maintenance will be a 50 hour oil change, please stay tuned to the calendar as I will schedule it on there. The airplane did a hop over to Orillia where the right hand fuel drain was looked at and we believe a fix can be made in the spring to stop the blue stain. COM 2 is still U/S but not forgotten. We are actively working on a solution via a used COM or a repair to the existing unit. If anyone has any suggestions I encourage you to reach out.

Harrison Drake

What's Up

This months meeting will be held Saturday February 17th at 10:00 at the Hangar Bar and Grill. Our guest speaker will be Phil Englishman our local COPA director. I’m going to extend an invitation to the airport tenants and put forward a few ideas for COPA events we can put on in the coming months.

I’d love some input from our members either before or at the meeting on event ideas. All who are interested can get together for lunch at the Hangar Grill after the meeting. I’d also like to extend congratulations to our president Harrison and his wife on the birth of their son on Jan 25.

Grant Lloyd
Events & Social Director

Important NOTAM

If you haven't seen this NOTAM about the Brampton circuit you should take a look.


Borden Flying Club
COPA Flight 84
Edenvale Aerodrome, Stayner, ON


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