In The Envelope

Poor weather has cancelled numerous flights and now continued frigid temperatures. Check the temperature forecast before driving out to the airport, ensuring the mercury will not drop below the club limit of -20°C during your booking.

PDW suffered a minor incident during the last week of December. The pilot was returning from a flight and had parking concerns with the icy apron. In an effort to reduce the distance required to push-back PDW into the hangar the plan involved parking very close to the hangar door. While maneuvering the pilot also observed large snow overhangs above the hangar. Distracted with the possibility of falling snow, the pilot allowed the right wing tip to come into contact with the hangar. The aircraft sustained minor damage to the plastic wingtip faring, the hangar door suffered some scratches and dents on its outer rib protrusions.

Overall a minor event; however, an important reminder of the adverse winter operating conditions common in the local area. When moving toward any parking area always assess the obstacles. Additionally, when challenging obstructions exist (including snow or ice) this assessment should be made with the aircraft stopped - then resume taxing forward slowly.

The hangar does contain some aids, a shovel, sand and a rope pulley (preferably as a last resort).

Fly (and taxi) safe,

Sam Sciscione
Director Flight Operations