December 2019

President's Message

PDW Engine Update

I have to relay some unfortunate news to the club. A number of issues were identified during PDW’s annual inspection. First, fine metal particles continue to be found in the oil filter. This means that the work done earlier did not resolve the problem as we had hoped. The Board has decided that the only course of action is to rebuild the engine.

The flaps were only extending to 20 degrees.  This has been diagnosed and is being repaired.

Another unfortunate finding was a crack on the aft bulkhead. A repair kit for this is offered, but it may be hard to find. We have people working hard to source this for us. In addition to the above work, we will be replacing the navigation light lenses (on order) and change the stabilator bearings.

As you would expect, the engine replacement and bulkhead work will delay the return to service for PDW. At this point we are looking at mid-January. When we do get her back, PDW will have a zero-time engine. We will keep you updated if anything changes.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Tom Stiff, who has been putting in a great deal of effort during the inspection and follow-up work.

Randy Van Ness

PDW Maintenance

Annual Inspection - More Details

In discussing the issues with Orillia Aviation, they had a few comments to pass along.  

  1. The flaps get messed up when the flap switch is treated like a toggle switch. The flaps should be added slowly and never snapped "up then down" or vice-versa.  Wait until the flap servo motors have come to a complete stop before reversing direction. Pause briefly between settings.  
  2. PDW suffered some badly burnt exhaust valves.  This is generally the result of an excessively lean mixture. Too lean of a mixture can also lead to piston damage. There are conflicting opinions about the best performance being rich-of-peak, or lean-of-peak. Both can work if done perfectly.  However, since engine longevity is of prime importance (ahead of fuel economy by a wide margin) please run rich-of-peak.  
  3. One of our new tires already has a flat spot.  Remember to use the brakes sparingly to extend the life of our tires.

Tom Stiff

What's Up

BFC Xmas Dinner

Thanks to everyone who signed up for the Xmas dinner. Unfortunately, the restaurant has informed me that they’re unable to host us. Tasha is off with medical recovery issues and they just learned that Sean, their second chef must be in Toronto on the 6th for medical tests, leaving them with no chef. This is unfortunate and disappointing but certainly beyond everyone’s control.

The good news is that the airport is putting on a Xmas Cocktail Party on the 13th to which our membership is invited. Appetizers will be provided and drinks available.  I hope to see everyone out to this one! RSVP is required by December 6th to Alex in the airport office. Email:

Grant Lloyd
Events & Social Director

Borden Flying Club
COPA Flight 84
Edenvale Aerodrome, Stayner, ON

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