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February's Meeting Wrap up

Ewan Tasker - TSB InvestigatorFebruary's meeting was well attended given that the weather on that Thursday night made driving touch and go. Our guest speaker was Ewan Tasker, Senior Regional Accident Investigator with the Transportation Safety Board.

Ewan's topic for the evening focused on several key points. In his 16 years with TSB he said he's never investigated an accident where the cause was able to be blamed solely on an aircraft malfunction. In every case the pilot's actions, or failure to exercise good judgment was a major contributing factor.

January's Club Meeting, for those who couldn't be there..

Last month's meeting was by all accounts an overwhelming success. In fact it was standing room only with over 40 people in attendance!! Why? Members from the Borden Flying Club, a contingent from the Edenvale Classics, and numerous friends of members came out on a snowy, blustery, evening to hear Dave Hadfield share his recollections of a Soyuz launch from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. With the help of Bryan Quickmire and Robin Hadfield spreading the word, Borden not only filled the meeting room, we also overwhelmed the restaurant with 25 guests for dinner.

Message from the President

Happy New Year to All!
I want to wish all of the members of the Borden Flying Club and their families a Happy New Year! I’m looking forward to a great year of flying and getting together with all of you at the various events we have planned for 2014.

While the weather has been a bit of a killjoy these first couple of weeks of the New Year, I encourage you to get out and fly in the winter. The views from the cockpit just seem to go on forever on a clear bright winters day in the air, and for those of us with a night rating, it allows us the opportunity to fly before 10 p.m.