Christmas 2019

President's Message

First off I’d like to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday season. We’re sad that we didn’t have a Christmas party at Edenvale for the club, however thanks to Karen there was a party after all, and a dinner at a restaurant in Barrie.

Also, a wonderful reception was held at the Edenvale Aerodrome. It was a an amazing evening, Milan and his wife Anna Maria put on an excellent reception with food, entertainment and fine wine.

As you know from the last message, our airplane has been very sick and is been repaired as we speak.

Below, you'll find an update from Thomas Stiff on the current status of PDW.

We will look forward to seeing everyone in January at our first meeting of the new year.

Take care, enjoy the holidays and be safe.

Randy Van Ness

PDW Maintenance

PDW is progressing nicely.

Both bearings on the stab have been replaced and all the cables tensioned and pulleys lubricated. It has been reassembled. The problem with the flaps has been corrected and they are working perfectly.

The cracked rear bulkhead has been repaired and painted. The cracked fairing on the tail (stab) has been replaced and painted.

The engine is in Quebec awaiting reassembly. Unfortunately there are some issues with the crankcase. The aluminum slivers in the oil have been coming from the crankcase and not the wrist-pin caps. The front main bearing had shifted slightly causing damage to the crankcase. We are pricing out a refurbished vs new crankcase. The choice is somewhat dependant on availability and price. I should know the details this coming week.

Hopefully reassembly will get underway soon and we’ll have PDW in the air by mid-January.

Tom Stiff

Borden Flying Club
COPA Flight 84
Edenvale Aerodrome, Stayner, ON

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