August 2019

President's Message

New Flight Ops Lead!

Finally the summer is upon us and the flying weather has been amazing. I’m glad to see that PDW is getting booked regularly during this great weather. Thanks to all our dedicated board members for keeping PDW in the air and safe, especially Thomas Stiff, our PRM, who works tirelessly to make sure it’s maintained in pristine condition.

I am pleased to announce by a unanimous decision of the Board of Directors, Mr. Jim Bertrand is now the new Flight Operations Director of the Borden Flying Club. Jim has extensive flying experience and brings a wealth of information and expertise to our flying club. Over the last month, Jim has introduced a number of new members and done countless annual reviews and re-current checks.

Many thanks go out to Jim and Leath Greenwood for their continuing effort and support of the club in Flight Ops.

Randy Van Ness

What's Up

Our COPA for Kids event had to be postponed due to weather that wouldn’t have allowed us to hold a safe and enjoyable event. We’ve rescheduled for September 21st. Hopefully, everyone who generously offered to donate their time for the July event will be available for September. It would be appreciated if you confirm with Karen or I when you get a chance.

The Gathering of the Classics is happening Saturday August 10th. This is like “Xmas in August” for pilots. We’ll have a BFC display set up. We’re looking for a few people to volunteer, to spend an hour or so in the booth between 10 and 3, spreading the word about all the advantages of belonging to our great club. Look forward to seeing everyone there!

Thanks to Jim Bertrand for organizing the impromptu BBQ in July. It was fun and we are looking forward to doing it again.

Grant Lloyd
Events & Social Director

PDW Maintenance

Maintenance Update

PDW is approaching 100h since the top-end overhaul and it seems to be running well. Oil analysis will be performed at the next oil change to confirm that the break-in has been as good as we had hoped.  Please remember to log all oil additions in the journey log.

The passenger side window vent is still u/s. The problem is a missing circlip. The channel that holds the clip is worn and is insufficient to nest the clip securely. A solution has been suggested and a repair will undertaken soon.

Finally, please remember to log snags on the snag-sheet and not directly in the journey log.

Tom Stiff


Flight Operations


I would like to start by taking this opportunity on behalf of all club members, to thank Randy Van Ness for his excellent contribution, dedication, and oversight of the BFC Flight Operations role over the past few years. I will do my very best to continue along the path Randy has set for us, and will be open to all of your suggestions regarding Flight Operations moving forward! I know I speak for everyone when I say that it will be a pleasure working with Randy as our President!

Although we exited the Winter Flying season slowly due to weather and our engine overhaul, a quick glance at the booking calendar shows that our membership is enthusiastic and engaged and safely taking advantage of the summer weather!  The busy summer is perhaps the best time to remind ourselves of all the responsibilities that we share as a group besides the luxury of flying the airplane itself. Among them, and of primary importance, is a the simple concept of “Airmanship”.

The busier our airport and the surrounding airspace gets, the more opportunities we have to demonstrate excellent airmanship to those we encounter along the way, both on the ground and in the air.  From the traffic pattern, to the hangar alley, to fuel pumps, and on the airwaves at home and abroad, please continue to “represent” the BFC as you have in the past.

As always, by placing Safety ahead of all other concerns, you will be well on your way to achieving the highest level Airmanship, and in return our entire membership will benefit from the choices you as individuals will make while flying PDW!

With that in mind, one of my primary goals will be to enhance the sharing of operational information, flying techniques, and lessons learned from the entire membership so that the experience we build flying PDW as an individual can be shared amongst the group.

Thank you, and safe flying to you all,

Jim “Jackomo” Bertrand
Flight Ops Director

Borden Flying Club
COPA Flight 84
Edenvale Aerodrome, Stayner, ON

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