August 2017

From the President

As this newsletter goes out I am pleased to say that we have had our 1st 4 day stretch this Summer of Sunny Hot Weather that includes a Saturday and Sunday in it. Like the Toronto Blue Jays; it’s a win, and we’ll take them where we can! Despite all the rain this Summer the calendar remains booked, which is a fantastic thing to see.

I had the opportunity to have a guest up for a nice cross country flight to Muskoka, Peterborough and some sightseeing over Barrie recently. He could not stop commenting on how impressed he was with PDW and what a great looking and performing airplane for one that is now 46 years old.

The beauty and condition of the aircraft really is a reflection of the proactive attention our PRM’s have provided over the years, the excellent training and safety record provided by our team in Flight Ops, and lest I forget, the pilot culture of all our Members who treat the aircraft as if it were their own.

I hope that everyone enjoys the remainder of the Summer. I look forward to seeing everyone through the various events planned in August at the Airport.

Chris Thompson

Reminder about the Extended Rental Policy

Just a quick reminder to refresh everyone on the Extended Rental Policy at the club, and to let you know that you will need Board Approval for the Extended Rental prior to booking the aircraft. Once approval has been granted one of the Board Members will place the booking on the calendar. Currently there is an 8 hour restriction in place for members trying to book PDW.

Extended Rental Policy

Extended rentals are at the rate noted above. Weight and balance permitting, you will normally depart with full fuel. Upon return, the A/C shall be topped up with fuel. The renter must fill out an invoice and pay for the fuel needed to top up. The model used for this policy is similar to renting a car. You rent a car with full fuel and return it with a full tank.

You must put on a minimum of two (2) hours Hobbs time for each week day and three (3) hours each weekend day or statutory holiday away from Edenvale. The minimum extended rental time is five (5) hours. So for example, if you take the A/C from Monday to Friday you would be billed for a minimum of 10 hours at the extended rate (or actual Hobbs time if greater than 10 hours) plus the cost to top up the fuel on return. Oil is included in the extended rate. Please ensure that you take sufficient oil with you before departing. If required, submit receipts for any oil purchased.

All extended rentals MUST BE APPROVED BY THE BOARD ON THE RECOMMENDATION OF THE PDW OPERATIONS MANAGER. This is not an attempt to restrict anyone's use of the A/C but rather to ensure that there are no conflicts or maintenance concerns with the A/C. Any unscheduled maintenance that may be required when you are away MUST be approved in advance. If you have any questions please contact PDW Operations Manager or any other member of the board.

Overnight Policy

In addition to the extended rental policy the club has an overnight plan. In the event that you wish to take the A/C way for one (1) night only with the intent of putting on less than the minimum five hours required by the extended rental policy PDW would rent out wet. Overnight trips are defined as commencing after 3 p.m. and returning before 11 a.m. the following day. The minimum billing time for an overnight trip is 2 hours during the week and 3 hours on weekends or statutory holidays.

Chris Thompson

Flight Operations

Inside the Envelope

If you have not seen it already, please check out Nav Canada's excellent guide to VFR Phraseology.

Click on this link to download the PDF document from Nav Canada.

Sam Sciscione
Director, Flight Ops

PDW Maintenance

PDW under went 50 hour oil change July 26. On July 31, the plan is to have Eagle Aircraft trouble shoot the Intercom/COM issue that was reported. Please watch your emails as We will send out an announcement once the issue is resolved.

Harrison Drake

What's Up

Events and Announcements

The big event of the year for our airport is almost here. Gathering of the classics is set for August 12, and its an opportunity for us to pitch in and help make it happen. We'll have a canopy and table set up along with PDW on display. Thanks to the members who responded they'd be available to man our display. The Classics group is still looking for volunteers so I'll be spending the day helping them and I would encourage others to consider it also.  Click here and fill in the form if you can help out.

On the 25th the airport is hosting a BBQ from 6-8 pm. They're doing it very similar to the way we do ours, providing sausages and hot dogs and asking attendees to bring along deserts or salads. Seems the idea is to give us some insight into updates and future plans for the airport. A RSVP is requested so if you can make it take a minute and let us know. Please click here and fill in the form to respond before August 5th if you plan on attending.

The bulletin board is ready to put up, I'm just waiting for the guys in my shop to get the sign done for it. It will be on the end of D hangar. One of the things I hope to get posted are breakfast flyouts. Hopefully these will turn in to "buddy flights" so you can show up and jump in with another pilot so 5 planes going could turn in to a dozen people.

See you at the Gathering of the Classics,

Grant Lloyd
Events & Social Director

2017 Gathering of the Classics

Volunteers Needed!

The date for the Gathering of the Classics at Edenvale Aerodrome is Saturday August 12th (Sunday the 13th is the rain date).  Bryan Quickmire has asked if any BFC members might be able to volunteer on that date.  It is a great event and worth our support

If you are intested in helping out, please contact Larry Quinton at>

If you can cover the BFC display for part of the day, please contact Grant Lloyd at>


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