April 2017

President's Message

New Directors Still Needed!

As mentioned over the past couple of months, there are two openings on the Board that need to be filled for the upcoming membership year. Please consider putting your name forward to run and fill the openings. If you have any questions about the Board and its operations please call me directly at (416) 994-0997.

The new board will be confirmed at our Annual General Meeting to be held on Saturday, April 29th, at 10:00 in the meeting room at Edenvale Aerodrome.

Click here to go to the nomination form.

If you have questions or any trouble with the form, please email me directly at President@BordenFlyingClub.com.

Chris Thompson

Flight Operations

Inside the Envelope

The March club meeting was well attended, even with the short notice on change of venue date. Flight operation's Sam and Randy conducted a technical/rust-remover day, covering the latest data in fight safety, notes about club flying operations and a Cardinal GPDW systems/equipment review.

The club continues to perform well in flight safety. The trending topic is the concept of "deliberate action". When executing a plan, a procedure or simply the selection of a switch - is it appropriate for the flight conditions? Acting solely due to habit or routine has proven most often dangerous, thus the process of always analysing before acting will help ensure safe flying - "Deliberate Action - method of preventing errors from resulting in undesirable outcomes."

The system/equipment review of the club C177B Cardinal entailed using a notable vintage 1970's Cessna Cardinal brochure, coupled with the club manuals and checklists. Some prominent features covered: Wings moved aft, with a sloped windshield, provides a virtually unobstructed forward view, unlike many high wing aeroplanes; Wing aerofoil shape, laminar near the roots and conventional toward the tips provides easy handling qualities and desired characteristics within slow flight/stalls; Constant-speed-prop with 180hp engine, provides good performance and efficiency; Roomiest cabin and large entry doors provides comfort for all aboard. Specifically, the club Cardinal also features: Dual GPS Nav/Comm's with WAAS; Autopilot with lateral tracking; Engine Data Management - EDM, helps monitor important parameters and improve operating efficiency; Traffic Watch, helps monitor nearby traffic in busy airspace; Upgraded upholstery for additional comfort; In-house Quick Reference Handbook - QRH, provides summary pages from various manuals in one location. Countless other features, to be covered another day.

Hope to see everyone at the next Tech-day,

Sam Sciscione
Director, Flight Ops

PDW Maintenance

It's Still Cold Out There!

Spring is in the air. As we move into the season please take care and ensure proper engine preheats are being done. The overnight lows are cold enough to require engine pre-heat. I would like to ask members to continue to put engine blanket on the aircraft. I would like to continue using the engine blanket until April 30th.

The airplane has been flying well with no major squawks. As always if a member has any concerns please don’t hesitate to reach out.

The hangar electric winch has been damaged and although it could be used if extreme care is given to stop the line from coming off the spool and binding up. I would suggest members avoid using the electric winch. Stand by for update on the go forward decision on this.

Harrison Drake

What's Up

Events and Announcements

Annual General Meeting (AGM): April 29th, 10:00 to 12:00 - Edenvale Aerodrome Meeting Room

Please consider putting your name forward as a Director and contribute to the club!


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